May 23, 2015
by tanejasbride

Glisten & Glow Ctrl + Alt + Del Latex Barrier and Sangria White Peach Cuticle Oil Review

I’m not really the nail art fanatic. I usually just admire from afar, but in the case that I want to try some (in my case, messy) nail art, there’s such thing as latex barrier that you can apply, do … Continue reading

January 23, 2014
by tanejasbride

Born Pretty Store: Vintage Punk Five-pointed Star Stud Rhinestone 3D Nail Art Decoration Photos/Review

When it comes to nail art, you could say I prefer a bigger canvas. So, when given the opportunity to try out some 3D nail art decorations, I was a little excited – I really like fimo and this was … Continue reading

April 16, 2013
by tanejasbride

Zoya PixieDust (Unusual) Nail Art Swatches/Review

Sent for review.  To see the Spring PixieDusts swatches/review, click HERE. To see the Summer PixieDusts swatches/review, click HERE. I had visions of nail art with the textured beauties, PixieDusts, and well, I love how unusual it turned out, so let’s get … Continue reading