November 12, 2018
by tanejasbride

Cool, Rich Tones Possess the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette

When looking for #EOTD inspiration, I frequently find that I have countless options of warm tones – golds, yellows, and such. I, however, love cool tones, such as silver, gray, and cooler blues and greens, so when I saw the … Continue reading

February 28, 2018
by tanejasbride

A Makeup Lover’s Guide to Galaxy Eyes with the Hard Candy Look Pro Galactic Eyes Palette

Outer space has always been intriguing to me. There’s something about the unsure beyond that is both mysterious and beautiful. I love that makeup has been building on complicated and magical themes lately, and Hard Candy has created an eyeshadow … Continue reading