Viral on TikTok: iMethod Beauty Eyebrow Stamp Kit in 10 – Taupe


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I still remember the first time I got my eyebrows waxed. As an Indian American girl, I was always told by my mom about how she wasn’t allowed to do it until a more “mature age” because they were taught to embrace the changes brought on as you grow older. I, however, did not appreciate my thick, full brows and wanted them waxed in 11th grade because I saw most girls in high school with nicely clean and fresh eyebrows, so of course, I wanted to fall into trend. My experience was NOT the greatest. Thanks to the Y2K trend of thin, almost invisible brows, a lot of the hair was removed and on top of that, wax completely irritated my sensitive teenage skin. I was completely disappointed by the job done at a high-end and well known salon, and immediately bought my first eyebrow pencil to sketch in the missing hairs.

As my eyebrows grew back, I immediately took charge of shaping them myself. Big mistake! As I continued to over pluck the wrong shape, I eventually realized that my eyebrows completely stopped growing after a few years. Well, here we are in the present and I have to use several brow products: brow pen, brow pencil, and gel to frame my face properly and NOT according to trend, but more the shape that suits my face.

iMethod Beauty reached out to me and wanted to share their TikTok viral eyebrow stamp and pomade, and I was more than thrilled because I’m always working on the best way to groom my brows. I chose the shade 10 – Taupe, and although I usually use Taupe and Blonde, I may choose Dark Brown in the future because this is supposed to be a one and done brow product. You will see that although the color doesn’t completely match, it does do the job, and a darker color may have been a better choice. I do, however, still like it, especially when one is not close-up.

What is included in the kit:

I definitely love that this kit gives you an ample amount of stencils so that you can find the one to fit you. I chose #4, and it did a lovely job, to me. I did however later decide to add some brow gel to hold the brow hairs up and make it look fluffier, but it’s definitely not needed. The pomade is long lasting and doesn’t need additional product to elongate wear time.

Enjoy this demo:

To shop for the viral TikTok product:

Sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.

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