Salon Results with the Modelones Pink Lipstick Series Starter Kit – Gel Polish Kit for UNDER $50


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I have always given myself manicures and pedicures save a few times that were solely pedicures at a salon for aesthetic reasons. With the current situation worldwide, most people have been opting to painting their own nails, and you can get salon results right at home. If you have a preference for gel nails, you can do this at home for under $50 with the Modelones Pink Lipstick Series Starter Kit – Gel Polish Kit! And, that also a one-time fee.

The Modelones Pink Lipstick Series Starter Kit – Gel Polish Kit includes:
6 * Colors Salon-Quality Gel Polish (10ml)  
1 * Top Coat (10ml) 
1 * Base Coat (10ml) 
1 * 6W Mini LED Light  
1 * Brush 
1 * Nutrition Pen 
1 * Dual-ended Nail Brush and Spatula 
4 * Style Stickers 
1 * Mini Nail File 
1 * Portable Leather Bag

Although I have been painting my own nails for as long as I can remember, this is my first experience with gel nails, and I can say it was simple and clean!

Please do a skin test first! Before applying the gel, always do a skin test first with a drop and wait for minutes to check any allergic / adverse reactions, such as redness or other reactions.

Prepare your nails by washing them, use the nail clippers if needed for the shape and length desired. Push cuticles with the cuticle pusher, and remove the extra cuticles with the cuticle trimmer. File and shape nails with the double sided nail buffer. Dust out with the nail dust brush. Clean the nails with the nail cleaner pads. Make sure your nails are all oil free.

Using a base coat, apply a thin layer and cure under the provided 6W Mini LED Light for 60 seconds. Short press for 30 seconds and long press for 60 seconds. It may be tacky, but this is excellent for the gel color to adhere.

Second, apply a thin layer of the solid gel color of choice, and cure for 60 seconds and repeat process until you get desired effect.

Apply top coat and cure again for 60 seconds. And ta-da! You have salon-perfect nails! You can also easily add the nail stickers, as desired.

This manicure was so easy and dried like a dream! I think I loved that part the most. They should last for 14 to 21 days, and there should also be no peel off.

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