3 Reasons Moissanite Engagement Rings are Great


Humble Moissanite was first discovered in the 1800’s. Ever since its discovery, the gem has always been popular, although not always used in pieces of jewelry. However, in more recent years, jewelers have started playing around with Moissanite and have begun creating some excellent pieces of jewelry. One of the most popular pieces Moissanite features in is an engagement ring.

Moissanite is a great alternative to a diamond, which is usually the most popular stone for an engagement ring. The clarity of a Moissanite gem is excellent and the affordability of it is unmatched. When comparing Moissanite to a diamond, the similarities are uncanny. With white characteristics and a clean appearance, Moissanite is often mistaken for a diamond. Not to mention, the hardness of the gems is also similar, with a diamond scoring 10 on the Mohs scale and Moissanite scoring 9.25. With this kind of score, Moissanite is incredibly durable and hard wearing.

The appearance of an engagement ring is often the most important aspect of the ring. Many women already have an idea of what kind of ring they would like. The cut of a ring, size and style all contribute towards the overall appearance. Thankfully, Moissanite has great shiny properties, meaning that it will reflect in any light and sparkle well. This is ideal for someone who wants something that stands out. Plus, it makes the ring look like the traditional diamond ring too. Some women desire a baguette cut gem with an encrusted band, others may want a round cut with simple band. Whatever the choice, Moissanite can complement any design and create a beautiful ring. It can also be set into any style band with various types of settings. Even if a soon-to-be bride doesn’t quite know what kind of engagement ring they would like, there are plenty of design ideas on the Infinity Diamond Jewellery website. By visiting a jeweler’s website, it provides inspiration for a ring and also highlights the affordability of a Moissanite engagement ring too.

Moissanite is far more affordable than most other gems on the market. This means that any engagement ring can be affordable, but it also means that you can get more for your money. This is why many Moissanite rings contain a significant carat measurement compared to other engagement rings. This affordability often sits right with anyone looking for an engagement ring and it’s a great alternative for someone who may not have the money to splurge on a ring or just doesn’t want to splurge on a ring. Considering the similarities to a diamond, Moissanite is priced exceptionally well.

When buying an engagement ring, of course, you want it to last. The idea of a stone chipping or breaking isn’t ideal. In fact, that’s undesirable. However, Moissanite is an incredibly durable gem and it would take a lot of brute force to try and damage it in any way. This makes it an excellent candidate for an engagement ring as it can be worn in any condition. So, whether someone bakes a lot, rides horses or even likes to swim, a Moissanite ring will last. Plus, it also means that over time, the ring will not become worn. So much so, this ring could be passed down various generations as a family heirloom. The hardness of Moissanite is excellent and over time, the shine will remain as the stone is virtually undamageable. A Moissanite engagement ring can be treated with jewelry cleaner and polish however, just to make it extra sparkly.

With these great advantages of Moissanite, it’s hard to see why anyone would choose otherwise. Most jewelers now also offer Moissanite rings, so they’re widely available too. Who wouldn’t want an affordable, durable and beautiful engagement ring?

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