Peacock Makeup Ft. Modi Toys Baby Krishna


Did you know that you can now buy stuffed toys with the likeness of Gods (and soon Goddesses!) from Modi Toys? I currently have all the large ones, but today, we’re discussing the newest one, Baby Krishna. I actually won him on a giveaway on Instagram, and he is too cute for words. It inspired me to create an eyeshadow look to the semblance of peacock feathers.

Peacocks are symbolic to Krishna because he wears a single feather on his headdress. The reason for this is to signify purity, the color of nature, and his love for dance. Fun fact: When a peacock dances with their feathers out, it usually means it will rain! (Or, he’s just trying to attract a peahen, ha!)

When I used to visit a Krishna-Radha temple in Texas, they had many peacocks/peahens living there, and quite often, they would come dance (and usually it would rain later!) and it was magical! I remember watching one dance and photographing him (I wish I had the picture now!) and he later followed me to the car – quite frankly, he probably wanted to make sure his posture looked on point. 😉

Makeup used was @juviasplace #Tribe and @hudabeauty #EmeraldObsessions and #Sapphire Obsessions. @colourpopcosmetics Jet Set Blush + Blue Ya Mind Mascara and @rimmellondonus Wonder Swipe Liners to Shadow. @givemeglowcosmetics Dirty Rose Vivid Lip Paint.

Also, big shoutout to @insertnamehere – I’m also wearing the aqua hi-lites here.

Baby Krishna is available in two sizes: small (6″) and medium (10″). Also available are Baby Ganesh and Baby Hanuman in the same sizes. There are also books to go with the toys, and lots of wonderful bundles! Another excellent feature is that when you press the stuffed toys, they also sing mantras.

These little Gods (and soon Goddesses) are incredibly adorable, beautifully detailed, and amazing quality! If you are looking to diversify your playroom, these are an awesome option!


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