4 Tips When You Have a Hair Stylist Travel to Your Home


Home visits are becoming the trend with all kinds of services. It is possible, too, where your hair is concerned, to have hair stylists traveling to your house, who will not only wash and cut your hair, but style and colour it as well. The hair stylist will bring all the equipment that they need and then
style your hair in the way that you want it in the comfort of your own chair. It does not have to be in full view of lots of other customers, but instead, enclosed within the privacy of your own home. This article, having established how advantageous it is to have a home stylist, will now look at how we can best take advantage of this service by coming up with some tips.

Make the Most of The Time Saved

Why not make the most of the time that we have saved in not having to travel to the hair salon? It gives us the opportunity to carry on with some household chores right up until the time the hair
stylist arrives. No more preparation is required than finding a place to have your hair styled and positioning your favorite chair to sit in.

Think in Advance of The Style That You Want

Because it is so convenient to do so, it is easy to just book a hair stylist and then not give much thought to the style that you want until they arrive. Instead, look online to give yourself an idea of the style that you might like. There will be nothing inside your home to remind you of different hair
styles like in a salon, but there is nothing to stop you researching hair styles online in advance and having something in mind. At your leisure, draw a sketch for your mobile hairstylist to work from. Show them a picture of a celebrity who has their hair styled just how you want your hair to look.

Consider how different you want to look and whether the hair style will suit a party and your work situation. You may consider having your hair stylist visit you just to have your hair done for that special occasion. They will visit you whenever you ask them to.

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The Setting

Think in advance of the setting. That is, which sink you would like to have your hair washed in. Whether it is to be upstairs, or downstairs for more convenience. Whether the chair you sit in is comfortable and relaxing, or better comfortable and upright. You will be best choosing a place
where it is okay for hair to fall freely, although the mobile hairstylist will have a means with them for catching the hair, so that it does not fall on your clothes or on your floor. A tiled kitchen floor, or where the floor is easy to clean, is an ideal surface for cutting hair.

In your own home, you can set the temperature to one that is comfortable for you while you are having your hair attended to. The surroundings can be as pleasant as you make them. You will find yourself chatting to your hairstylists about all sorts of things that you would never have dreamed of
talking about inside a rather more public hair salon. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience having your hair cut, and you can make it that way. You can wear more casual and comfortable clothes while it is all happening.

Talk to Family Members

It can be time efficient to have your whole family’s hair cut at the same time, so talk to family members to arrange a time that is convenient to all of you. This will save time in call out charges because the hair stylist is not just visiting one person at a time. It can also be nice to compare hair
cuts afterwards. The regular event can become a talking point and something of a bonding exercise between parents and siblings, as they compare their new hair styles with each other.

So, plenty of tips here for making the most out of hiring a mobile hairstylist, who can transform your home into a hair salon and your hair into any style you want them to.

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