ColourPop x Raw Beauty Kristi Collaboration + Swatches


Like I said before, I am planning to write more detailed reviews for you here with all the pictures and information about each collection I’m writing about.

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If you’re already following me on IG and YouTube, you’ve already seen the images of this collection by me, but I wanted to go into detail and show you more of the pictures I may or may not have added to either social media. Are you ready?

The ColourPop x Raw Beauty Kristi collection include(s/d, the latter because I’m not sure if there will be another restock):

  • At Forest Sight 12-pan Pressed Powder Shadow
  • 4 Super Shock Shadows: Campfire, Mycelium, Olympic, Like a Moss (not included in this post)
  • 3 Gel Liners: Woodsy, Marigold, Spare Thyme
  • 2 Lux Glosses: Wildflower, Glacier (also not included in this post)

The collaborations of 2020 were fabulous, to say the least, ranging from Sailor Moon to Mulan, to name a few. If you’re looking for specifics, the collaborations were Sailor Moon, Candy Land, Disney Mulan, and the Disney Mandalorian. I’ll try to add my swatches ASAP here on the blog, if you’re interested. Please let me know in the comments if you’d love to see that.

Raw Beauty Kristi is a YouTuber from the Pacific Northwest, like me, and I was thrilled to see this collection and knew I needed to have it. The colors are just what I wanted to see from ColourPop after the pastels they had been releasing. The jewel tones of this palette represent the Pacific Northwest beautifully because of the evergreens, blue streams, and all the picturesque beauty that nature has here. The pressed powder shadows perform outstandingly, and they make for stunning looks, either neutral or with a pop of color. I have worn these several times, and I’m stunned by the look each time.

We discussed gel eyeliners in the previous post, and I stand by that again and again. Recapping, the gel eyeliners by ColourPop are amazing, and I love to wear them in my waterline, and as a sensitive eye person with itchy eyes thanks to allergies, I haven’t had issues with the formulas, at all. That’s saying a lot because some eyeliners give me grief, but I probably have not ever mentioned them because I give them up immediately. The colors in this collection go hand-in-hand with the palette, and I have purchased each and every new eyeliner that ColourPop releases, even Hocus Pocus. Another thing about the eyeliners is that you MUST NOT apply pressure. Each pencil was already loose for me, and as they are retractable, they can break easily, which these did, sadly. But, I think there’s almost enough product to get me by until hopefully a restock. These sold out almost immediately (in my cart, actually) during the restock. Here’s hoping ColourPop finds a way to make similar shades and make them permanent.

Top to Bottom: Marigold, Spare Thyme, and Woodsy

This collection really was the best collaboration ColourPop did in 2020. What are your thoughts?

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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