Change Up Your Hair with INH Hair’s Best Seller Bundle FT. Brit & Miya!


Ever since I was younger, I have always enjoyed changing my hair/hairstyle, especially during times of emotional turmoil or any transitional changes. These hairstyle changes don’t always have to do with negative events, though!

I know these times are strange, unusual, and definitely not something we’ve ever before seen, so I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and practicing social distancing!

Hairstyle changes always have given me confidence and a fresh new start, so to speak, just like makeup gives me a media to express myself and my love for colors and art.

INH Hair (Insert Name Here) is a brand that gives those who experiment with their look or are just looking for a quick change just that. First off, Insert Name Here was created by Shordynn (Sharon and Jordynn) – who are most known for their marketing work with ColourPop. The bestie duo started this company in 2018 to give others the freedom to self express through hair! They offer ponytail extensions, hair extensions, space buns (brand new this week!), along with fun, colorful wigs!

When INH Hair reached out to me, I was beyond excited. I have already tried their Sammy bun and have a super long wishlist, so I couldn’t wait to receive the Best Sellers Bundle (the Brit and Miya ponytail). If you have continued to follow me on Instagram, you know that my hair is in a short inverted angled bob with layers. Sometimes, I do miss the long waist-length hair I had before (around 10 – 11 years ago) BUT that I also wanted short hair for a long time now and I finally do! This is exactly why Insert Name Here exists – live your best life with short AND long hair!

Inserting the ponytail is super easy. There is a clip that you attach to your own ponytail. Each ponytail has a velcro strip that wraps around and stays attached. Each ponytail attachment also includes two bobby pins and a silk bag to house the ponytail in to keep it from getting tangled.

Miya is sleek and voluminous while Brit silky and curly. Brit is the girl you’ve known all your life, and Miya is the mysterious, cool girl you’ve stalked on IG. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell)

Brit is the ponytail that I was most excited for because it is exactly what my hair would look like if it were long and voluminous. It is a beautiful silky pony with barrel loose curls at the end. My hair is naturally curly, and I usually do straighten it, so this matches me and my personality. Another amazing feature that Insert Name Here has is that they match you with the right hair color. I was matched with Jet Black, and I loved how it blended with my natural hair! I had purchased the Sammy in Black Brown (with the help of Jordynn), and that worked out well, too! I decided to wear Brit as a high ponytail, and I absolutely adored how it turned out.

Miya was the 2nd ponytail I received, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would look! I opted for a low ponytail this time to give my look another change, and it looked very sleek and chic.

P.S. Did  you know this pony was featured in Ariana Grande’s “In My Head” music video?


Now, let’s discuss my impressions about the ponytail extensions. If you visit my Instagram, you can find me discussing the ponytails on my IG Stories Highlights labeled as “Unboxing”. Ponytails do sometimes give me headaches, especially if they are tied too tightly, so I did worry about that with these, but they are light and stay put! You could – if we were not practicing social distancing – totally go dancing in these without it falling off and looking totally natural. I love that Insert Name Here has plenty of options for everyone! They have natural hair options while also having exciting, colorful options! I would love to try those out, as well, in the future, especially their Magical Miyas!

What do you think? Which Insert Name Here product catches YOUR eye?!


Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.

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