Goal Getters Get Your Fitness on with Born Tough Women Contoured Tracksuit Hoodie Black


With the new year and a new decade upon us (can you believe it is 2020!?), most people are probably working on their resolutions. Like most people, I would love to work on my fitness, health, and other personal goals. I am excited to share the contoured tracksuit hoodie and the contoured tracksuit jogger leggings I received from Born Tough. One thing I have learned about keeping your resolutions is to be passionate and focus on small chunks of time (don’t forget to reward yourself with SELF-CARE!) rather than obsessing with the finish line. I believe that it is also important to make yourself feel confident in your skin when working on fitness. You can be at ANY level of fitness, but you should make sure you have the gear meant for YOU. Wear clothing that is comfortable, fits you well (does not snag), and have the correct equipment. This is where Born Tough comes in. Their sizes are TRUE to fit.

The Born Tough Contoured Tracksuit Hoodie set will definitely hug all your curves, which actually makes it a dream for working out. You don’t have to worry about any fabric snagging on equipment and being a hazard while you focus on your fitness. The sleeves are something I look for in ALL my active sweatsuits and tracksuits because I like to ensure that my sleeves don’t hang when working with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, or just running on the treadmill/elliptical. They work great to keep your grip when sweating, as well.

Do you like to run/walk outside like me? This hood is PERFECT for that! It hugs your head while still allowing you to hear your surroundings! This made me super happy because when I workout outdoors, flimsy hoods and extraneous fabric around my head distracts me. This would also keep my headphones in place, which is a plus!

The pockets are roomy-enough slits, but that means you’ll only carry your essentials. This is ideal when you’re working out because if you’re like me, you carry your phone and keys on yourself, and your gym bag is for everything else, am I right?!

Fabric is another thing I look deeply into, and so I want to assure you that the quality of this material is A+. I have been wearing these comfortably to the grocery store even! I love the way they feel and act like compression leggings BUT without the uncomfortable, itchy feel as these are 92% cotton and only 8% spandex.

SWIFT fabric is our signature fabric designed specifically for apparel which requires flexibility and softness at the same time. With cotton bringing durability and spandex bringing in elasticity, the result is a lightweight, soft and highly flexible fabric that is a perfect canvas for us to paint our imagination on, and for you to workout in.

~ Born Tough

Goal getters, are you BORN TOUGH?! You bet you are! So, what are you waiting for?!

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AU: https://au.borntough.com/

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