Who wants to be Low Maintenance When You Have Il Makiage Woke Up Like This #105 and BFF Concealer in #8


If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw that I recently won a $500 (!!!) gift card to Il Makiage, so of course, I am going to share what I hauled (in separate posts) so that you know what you must have and what you can skip (but who are you kidding? You’ll need everything!). Two items I hauled were the the Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Foundation in #105 (Medium Neutral) and the BFF Perfecting Concealer in #8 (Medium Yellow). I did use their foundation finder to give it a go, and I am fairly pleased with how it matched me, but get this, they have a trial also, so you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY WITH FREE RETURNS AND EXCHANGES! Total game changer!

The packaging is ridiculously luxe with glass bottles and fancy opening techniques (such as the concealer has a “secret” opening in which you twist and the pump appears).

As we always do here on Taneja’s Bride, I will share with you a BEFORE foundation face and then an AFTER foundation face, a fused BEFORE & AFTER to give you a nice visual side-by-side, and then show you what the concealer looked like where I use it, and THEN finally, a full face of makeup.




And, the best way to see the difference, of course, is a side-by-side.

Left is without foundation and right is with foundation. My husband, who is the best critic (and I mean that sincerely!) told me that it looked IDENTICAL to my skin (in person). Pictures may make it look chalky (or show a white-cast), perhaps, but the foundation was incredibly comfortable and blended quite easily. I will also be honest that I did not see where the line of my natural skin and the foundation began, so to me, that means it is a near perfect match! The last also was quite remarkable – I did a check in on my Instagram stories, and you can see that it still looks quite put together.

Also, here is what the concealer did for me – I will honestly say that I did not find it as the right shade for me, but it will do OKAY as a highlighting shade. I am thinking either #9 or #10 will be the correct shade. Maybe in a future haul.



Although this foundation matched my skin, I felt it gave me a dry look rather than a natural finish. It, however, WAS NOT drying, by any means. I think, as you will see in the next image of full makeup, that contouring, blush, and highlight brought it to life, as [only] foundation is truly just a base. So, it is also difficult to judge just foundation on the face, and this is why I am also including a full makeup (with Il Makiage #105 I Woke Up Like This Foundation and #8 BFF Perfecting Concealer as the base).

What do you think? Did it match me to a T or…?

Have you tried Il Makiage Foundation/Concealer yet?

Website: ilmakiage.com

Purchased by me via the gift card I won from Il Makiage.

 All opinions are honest and my own. 

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