Beach Waves of Your Summer Dreams by Bed Head TIGI Massive Shine Artist 2x Tourmaline Deep Waver


Once upon a time, I kept my hair long – reaching my hips – and it was fun while it lasted, but now, I love the length (and style) my hair is at – a lopsided lob – it gives it a healthy and fresh look. It’s so much more fun to style with hair tools because it looks glamorous. To get to the point, during Amazon Prime Day, I came across the Bed Head TIGI Massive Shine Artist 2x Tourmaline Deep Waver and decided to take the plunge. I’ve been either wanting a waver or a crimper, but I ended up against the crimper as it gives you tiny zig zags that are useless (for me, anyway) UNLESS you are trying to volumize your hair (hint: crimp UNDER your top layers and it looks AMAZING). Anyway, for now, the waver was under my radar and this one looked fabulous, so I decided to go for it and try it out. Let’s get a closer look at it.

The Bed Head Deep Waver has an adjustable heat setting (which I adore! Although, with my hair texture, a 400* setting always, ALWAYS seems to work – and stay!), and it also locks closed! That feature, especially, with 2 small children is definitely a must in my household.

As someone who feels like I can’t curl to save my hair, so to speak, this is definitely something ANYONE can get the hang of. All you need to do is “crimp” and go. I prefer using unwashed hair because your hair has the oils it needs to keep the waves. I like to use a sea salt spray, as well, and a hairspray afterwards for the waves to stay intact. I was able to achieve this style in less than 15 minutes. It has become one of my go-to looks, especially when I just want to get ready and I have “old” hair. I am going 3 days without washing my hair, and I am obsessed with this style because I can roll out of bed and get ready-to-go hair.

Get used to seeing my hair like this now – haha – because I am so addicted to beach waves. What do you think of this hair tool? Would you try it or pass?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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