The ColourPop California Love Collection Knows How to Party!


The ColourPop Sweet Talk Palette introduced pressed glitters to ColourPop and their audience, and they didn’t stop there. Since then, they have released several pressed glitter singles, and they also released Sweet Talk Palette’s BFF/Sister California Love, a beautiful new palette with one pressed glitter. This palette may seem blah and boring, but it is definitely one you need to add to your personal makeup arsenal because it sure does know how to party! In fact, the entire collection is super simple yet necessary!

Who here is all about packaging? Definitely me. ColourPop has really stepped up on their packaging, and I am here for it!

The ColourPop California Love Collection is meant to be a summer collection for 2019 (but of course, can be used year-round!) and contains:

  • California Love Pressed Powder Palette (includes one pressed glitter)
  • 5 California Love Ultra Blotted Lips:
  • Scenic Route, Ojai There, Double Double, Swing Away, and Cypress Chill
  • 2 California Love Colored Mascaras: Brownie Points and Lover’s Coral

The California Love Pressed Powder Palette is aesthetically pleasing to me. I was enamored at first sight. Although it may seem like a simple neutral palette (which is kind of is), there are many beautiful and interesting looks you can come up with from daytime to nighttime. The palette performs gorgeously as you can see from the swatches.

Top to Bottom: Diego, Gnarly, Sequoia, Gold Rush
Top to Bottom: Diego, Gnarly, Sequoia, Gold Rush
Top to Bottom: HWY 1, Laguna, El Capitan, Surfrider
Top to Bottom: HWY 1, Laguna, El Capitan, Surfrider
Top to Bottom: Cahuenga, Mission, Cruisin’, The Bay
Top To Bottom: Cahuenga, Mission, Cruisin’, The Bay

The #EOTD was created by using Sequoia in the crease, then Gold Rush. On the eyelid, I used Surfrider topped off with El Capitan.

I have tried all the BFF Mascaras now, but I haven’t blogged all of them except the black one. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen me use them in my #FOTDs. This collection has two new shades of BFF Mascara in coral and brown. I have been wanting a brown mascara for awhile, so I was really excited about this.

With natural dark, dark brown hair and lashes, it is often difficult to see the color on my lashes. I definitely think these colors would show up brighter and better if used with a primer. I used Brownie Points on my top lashes with Lover’s Coral on my bottom lashes in all my #FOTD photos.

If you haven’t tried the Ultra Blotted Lips, these powdery perfect liquid lipsticks are perfection for a lovely diffused look. The Ultra Blotted Lips give a beautiful, blurred look on the lips with a soft matte finish. I absolutely love them because they are incredibly comfortable to wear and can soften a bold look or give them the right punch of color.

Scenic Route:

Cypress Chill:

Ojai There:

Double Double:

Swing Away:

The California Love collection is stunning and creates interesting looks with a fun pop of color using the mascara, Lover’s Coral. You can do many daytime/nighttime looks using this, so stay tuned to my Instagram where I use many of my palettes for IG only looks!

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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