Happy 5th Birthday, ColourPop! Peep the Birthday Treat Super Shock Shadow!


ColourPop turns 5 this month, so they released Birthday Treat Super Shock Shadow to celebrate. They gave one FREE in each order (which I made!), and I’m hoping that if you did not make a purchase before they sold out that you will still get a chance.

To create my #EOTD, I used NYX glitter glue on my eyelid, as the glitters are plenty and they fallout, thus the warning not to use in eye area. Beware, I did this without glitter glue, and a lot of the super fine glitters lined up in my waterline, which I carefully wiped away. I, then, decidedly applied the NYX glitter glue and then applied. I used Baby Talk SSS in the middle. From the ColourPop x Disney Villains Misunderstood Palette, I used the greens on the outer crease and lids. In the waterline is Teaspoon Gel Eyeliner. The bottom lashes are Kiss N’ Teal BFF Mascara while the top lashes are Black on Black BFF Mascara. The #FOTD with glossy lips is Shadow Man Ultra Glossy Lip. The Ultra Matte Lip is from Alexis Ren x ColourPop Little Weapon.

Which lipstick goes best with this look?! Shadow Man V Little Weapon? Be sure that you use glitter glue with this Super Shock Shadow because there is A LOT of fallout. Happy 5th Birthday, ColourPop! We love you!

Free gift with purchase. All opinions are honest and my own.

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