The Fourth Ray Beauty Recharge Bag will Rejuvenate Your Skin/Skincare Routine


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a skincare routine. Even before I was interested in makeup, my face always craved lotions and cleansers. The first thing I ever used was my grandmother’s tried and true Oil of Olay, but of course, there were always new and improved formulas, serums, and lotion/cremes created and put on the market, so I ventured out. Makeup may be my one and true love, but skincare is just as important, if not more, because it helps provide your makeup with the correct canvas to adhere to. I finally got the opportunity to purchase the Fourth Ray Beauty Recharge Bag to give it a chance for the very first time. It was the perfect set to introduce me to the sister brand of ColourPop Cosmetics. This affordable line (like its sister) is definitely one you’ll want to give a chance! Let’s dive right in.

What do you get in the Fourth Ray Beauty Recharge Bag?

  • Black Sleeping Mask
  • Clear Clutch
  • Rose Quartz Roller
  • Cloud Bank Milky Cleanser
  • Fresh AF Mist
  • Rainfall 2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Good Mood Gel Moisturizer
  • Skin Hero Face Oil

When starting with my Fourth Ray Recharge Skincare Routine, I turned to the Cloud Bank Milky Cleanser first. As you assume, it has a milky – almost gel-like – feel to it. The scent is soft and delicate and it feels wonderful, as well.

Serums are usually what I apply after cleansers, so both the Skin Hero and Rainfall 2% Hyaluronic Acid were next, and in that specific order. Since the Rainfall promises hydration, that is what I want under my moisturizer.

The Skin Hero has a medium herbal scent, but it feels astonishing on because it becomes absorbed rather quickly. As my skin is combination, my face craves moisture, so I have learned that oils and serums are my BFF!

Ever since Rainfall 2% Hyaluronic Acid has released, I have been wanting to try it on my face. This wonderful serum has a gel-like feel to it and gives your face a splash of moisture that it deserves. Hyaluronic Acid exists in your skin naturally so this is perfect for all skin types, and it attracts even more moisture, so if you have a dry skin type, this will be a great foundation for your foundation!

The Rose Quartz Roller would be the tool to use to assure that the serums are absorbed properly, while also giving your face a stress-relieving massage, lymphatic drainage, and more importantly, wrinkle-reducing benefits.

Tip: Keep in the fridge to give a beautiful, cooling effect.

The Good Mood Gel Moisturizer is another one that has been on my MUST-HAVE and TRY list. This one did not disappoint. With a soft, delicate aroma of cucumbers, it really quenched my skin’s thirst. I can see myself finishing this up and definitely replacing thanks to the affordable price!

To top it all off, just spritz on a little Fresh AF Face Mist, and you’ll feel like a million bucks! Either do this before your makeup and/or before bed time (and don’t forget your sleep mask) to give your skin the love it deserves!

What do you think of this affordable skincare?! Pick or Pass?!

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