Celebrate Good Hair Day EVERYDAY with Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dark Brown to Jet Black Tinted Dry Shampoo


Having a good hair day is super important to me. I’ve had many-a-nightmare where I have to go to a major event last minute with 3-day hair, so the creation of dry shampoo has helped me get better sleep (and dreams, for that matter)! I was really excited to be given the opportunity to try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dark Brown to Jet Black Tinted Dry Shampoo because other dry shampoos I have used have given me a white cast in my hair and some scents were overbearing, and as many of you may know, fragrances are something that can make or break my relationship with a product.

To experiment with this, I tried it on fresh to 3-day hair. The longest I can honestly go with unwashed hair depends on the weather and humidity levels, but if I could, I’d love to wash my hair everyday thanks to my OCD. Sometimes, this is not practical and definitely not good for your hair, so dry shampoos have to come into play. This dry shampoo has been a game changer for me because I have been able to spray, ruffle, and go out like I just freshly washed and straightened my hair, and my hair smells amazing, to boot. The scent can be overbearing to some, but it was fine for me. It could be described as floral-scented perfume.

Does it give volume?! YES. And, no. Depends on your hair. If you blow dry after dry shampoo, you can totally give it a little zhuzh. My hair goes both ways. In the above picture, after a couple messy buns, it gave my hair volume. BUT, if I wear my hair in a low bun after straightening, it stays flat. So, is it worth it? YES. For a few dollars, you can totally transform your lifestyle and avoid washing your hair and say you did. Your secret is safe with me.

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