Pave the Road to the Future with the Shayla X ColourPop Proceed With Caution Eyeshadow Palette


The Shayla X ColourPop Proceed With Caution Eyeshadow Palette immediately resonated with me thanks to that bright and stunning yellow because it’s one of my favorite colors, and who can resist such a succulent and sunny color, anyway?! If you don’t follow MakeupShayla already, you can follow her here. She is a bubbly, straightforward, and stunning girl, and her collection is definitely one of my favorite collabs. Let’s jump right in!

The theme is “Under Construction” and the palette is called “Proceed with Caution” because Shayla has been consistently been working on a lot of things, such as her home and fitness/health. She is incredibly inspiring, and shares a lot of useful things, so if makeup is not your thing, she still has lots of informational videos!

Top to Bottom: Proceed, Maintenance, Dead End
Top to Bottom: Warning, Hzrd, Caution
Top to Bottom: Drill, Culture, Gloves On

To create my FOTD, I used Culture on my crease and eyelid followed my Maintenance. Then, using Caution, the stunning yellow, I applied it in my inner lid and outer lid. Warning and Drill were then applied to the center of my lid. The yellow eyeliners you see are Make Luv and Punch – both ColourPop. Lipstick is Lime Crime Makeup Sparrow.

This palette is amazing! If you pick up ANYTHING from this collection, this is it! There are also 2 lip bundles and 2 blushes in this collection that look absolutely amazing, as well. The colors may seem neutral and boring, but don’t be fooled – these colors are so versatile and can create fascinating and eye-catching looks!


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