Allow the ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette To Do ALL the Talking!


You won’t believe that I was planning to not pick up this palette for the single reason: too peachy. Um, allow me to let this palette speak for itself. The ColourPop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette is super versatile, actually. If this is what’s stopping you from purchasing, please think again! I’m SO glad I did. Let’s take a good look at Sweet Talk (not to mention the absolutely breathtakingly stunning packaging). This palette also includes its very first super shock shadow (Side2Side) in a palette + the first ever pressed glitters (Prima Drama and Early Mornin’), so stay tuned to hear about their performance.

Top to Bottom: Catch Me, Side2Side (SSS formula), Garden Date, Work It
Top to Bottom: Prima Drama (Pressed Glitter), Meadow, Early Morning’ (Pressed Glitter), Dream Maker
Top to Bottom: ICYMI, Melody, West Side, Feel Free

To create my #EOTD, I went back and forth with Feel Free and ICYMI in the crease until I built up a lovely Bordeaux-Terracotta blend. I, then, used West Side on the lid and after dabbing some glitter glue (yes, this step is SO necessary – I wear contact lenses, FYI), I finally used Early Mornin’ in the center blending it outwards and slightly upwards centrally narrowing it when reaching the outside edge of the crease. I used Melody to highlight the brow bone. Lipstick is ColourPop Sleepy Eyes Ultra Blotted Lip.

I was really impressed by this palette after believing I would be just fine without it. Turns out, this has become quite the staple palette. I love the versatility of this – as peachy as it looks – it is quite universal, as well. I love that it has a super shock shadow in it – the formula makes it stay supple even in the palette. The pressed glitter shadows are adherable as is, BUT I do recommend using a glitter glue (I used a simple and affordable ELF one) and it worked charmingly. I did still have stray glitters (countable, actually!) in my hairline (????) and even around my cheeks and nose. I wear contacts, and I was able to simply wipe off with a makeup wipe, wash my face with a cleanser, and go to sleep without ANY irritation (not normal at all for me since I get stray ANYTHING in my eyes and then have lovely dust-infused or whatever else allergy attacks so this is HUGE!). If what’s stopping you from buying this palette is peachy, warm shades, let me tell you that this palette has quickly gone to the top of my must-have eyeshadow palettes’ list!

What do you think? Will you be grabbing this coveted palette?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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