Give Yourself a Spa Day! with Jouer Cosmetics Newest Masks/Scrubs


My skin goes through its share of blemishes and break outs, just like anybody else, but as long as I add water to my diet and products with incredible ingredients, my skin shows it! Jouer Cosmetics is known for putting out only the best ingredients/products, or Christina vows not to even put that particular product out, so you know whatever you get is going to be terrific and extremely well-thought! I was super excited when she announced that she was gearing up to launch the Essential Hydrating Clay Mask Dual-action Detox & Replenish (came with a FREE microfiber towel, which is softer than soft!) because she said unlike other clay masks, this was not drying. To be honest, the reason I stay far from clay masks is for that very reason. My skin is mostly dry, but I classify it as combination because it has spots which are (but not incredibly) oily. Of course, alongside this launch, there was another intriguing NEW! product: Overnight Conditioning & Repairing Lip Mask.    Because I often times wear matte liquid lipsticks, my lips can be left high and dry, so this product had to come home. The Smoothing Sugar Lip Scrub was another product that came in the bundle I purchased. Are you ready to see what each one is like?

The Jouer Essential Hydrating Clay Mask is just luxurious. It comes with a double-ended spatula/brush, which I so appreciate! The mask doesn’t have an overwhelming clay scent, and I felt it had a faint vanilla aroma to it. It is quite lovely. You just need 5 – 10 minutes for an amazing spa experience, so you can totally make the time, trust me! As a Mom of 2, I totally LOVE this me-time. Bonus? My children know when the mask is on, Mom means business, so they give me my space.

When it comes to lip health, I love to test out different scrubs and overnight masks because when your lips are chapped, it takes you completely out of your feeling like yourself. I was really thrilled about the scent and feel of the lip scrub and overnight mask.

The Jouer Smoothing Sugar Lip Scrub has a scrumptious vanilla cupcake-esque scent. So delicious – you’ll want to eat it, but please do not! It is made of extremely fine sugar crystals, which will melt on your lips as you scrub, which makes for a simple clean-up (which you also can use the microfiber towel for). Using the lip scrub in the shower is an even better idea.

When it comes to lip balms or overnight lip masks, I do not like heavy, waxy balms, as it triggers coughing in the night for me. I was super pleased with the hydrating and lightness of the Jouer Overnight Conditioning & Repairing Lip Mask. It gave life to my lips and it felt as if it filled up the dry patches with moisture, which is a definite win in the dryer months. I highly recommend this mask to anyone if you have wind-chapped lips or even chronic dry lips because the Hyaluronic Acid will make sure you KEEP that moisture.

This bundle is the perfect way to pamper yourself anytime! Have you tried these?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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