Petal Soft Lips are Now Possible with the ColourPop Velvet Blur Lux Lipsticks


A wise person once said, “How many lipsticks can you have?!” With all the innovations companies are coming out with, you can now never have enough. This one, I have to be super honest, was one I was not completely head over heels for, so instead of grabbing them all, I opted for 6 of the shades I was more likely to wear. Definitely my shades. But…

The shades I picked up were:

  • CA Love
  • Mesmerize
  • Lucky Strike
  • Y2K
  • 21 Questions
  • Alchemist

But… YES, there is a but. I love my lipsticks 3 ways, and that is: 1) Matte, 2) Opaque, 3) Bold (Usually deep and dark OR medium nude). These look like the Lux Lipsticks from earlier, but they are supposed to have blurring qualities (and are a lot sheerer) than their older sisters. If you love(d) the blotted lips, then these are FOR YOU! And, yes, you NEED them immediately.

CA Love:


Lucky Strike:


21 Questions:


I already addressed my favorite type of lipstick. So, to recap, I need a matte, opaque, and bold lip. For me, Alchemist did fit that criteria, and so did Y2K, so of course, they were my favorites. The others did not really do it for me. The colors and feel of the lipsticks was terrific until it started to wear off. Then, they got incredibly dry on the lips and I could feel them clinging to every nook and cranny of my lips. I had moisturized and scrubbed my lips with my favorite lip balm and scrub, and they were in tip top condition, but I feel this lipstick did not really blur out the dryness it created. That kind of disappointed me, as I expected them to be like the Matte X Lippie Stix, which to me, are PERFECTION. I love those beyond words and they ACTUALLY blur out any imperfections. I have worn them on dry, flaky lips, and Matte X smooths out my lips the way they would look if they had been moisturized. If these were like the Matte X, I would have been in LOVE. I think these were supposed to be more like the blotted lips, honestly, because that’s exactly what they felt like. They also, unfortunately, had a crayon smell and had to be warmed up to be applied. I feel like I have only negative things to say about these, but I honestly DID love Alchemist, as that is a color I wear the most.

Did you pick up the ColourPop Velvet Blur Lux Lipsticks? What did YOU think? Do you have any tips and tricks to make them work better?! Please share in the comments! I’d love to make them work for me!



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