Reach Your Creative Peak with the RocketBook Everlast


With all things going smart, why not something as simple as a notebook? A notebook is full of paper, made from trees, and because of deforestation, our environment is seeing a lot of changes – some even harmful. The RocketBook Everlast is a smart notebook (comes in 2 sizes: Letter [8.5 in x 11 in / 32 pages] and Executive [6 in x 8.8 in / 36 pages]) with 32 – 36 (depending on the size) reusable pages simply erased with (a microfiber cloth, which is included) and water. A Pilot Frixion pen (of any kind and is also included) will work with the RocketBook Everest. It also comes in 4 different cover colors (Infinity Black, Atomic Red, Midnight Blue, and Neptune Teal).

It has a dot grid, to make it easy to write (and even doodle) in. And, the best part of this notebook is that you can send your text and illustrations to the cloud service of your choice: Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud and email. To erase, again, you simply need to wet the microfiber cloth (which will keep your papers from getting scratched) and wait 15 seconds until completely dry before you can start over.

What are the pages made of?

Synthetic materials that provide an extremely smooth writing experience.

What do you think of this notebook? It can last ages, if not a lifetime.

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