Dreams Come True with the ColourPop Holiday 2018 Collection


We all know that I’m a self-proclaimed ColourPoppy (my own nickname for it).  So, when I was given the opportunity to share this collection with close friends and family via a swatch party and here on my blog, I was all for it! I’m super duper excited to share swatches with all of you, so are you ready? Dreams DO come true, and ColourPop wants to make sure you keep on dreaming!! Grab a snack and a drink because this is going to be picture heavy, for sure! 

The collection consists of:

  • Dream Sequence Super Shock Highlighter Palette with 4 (also individual) shades in Counting Sheep, Pinch Me, Guilty Pleasures, and Mr. Wind
  • 1 This is Not a Dream Makeup Bag
  • 8 Jelly Much Shadows
  • Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Palette
  • Double Rainbow Super Shock Shadow Kit
  • Flying Colours Liquid Lipstick Vault – 14 various Liquid Lipsticks ranging from Ultra Glossy, Ultra Satin, Ultra Metallic, etc.
  • Dream Baby Dream Lippie Stix Set – 6 Lippie Stix in various formulas ranging from creme, matte, etc. 
  • 9 Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitters

Dream Sequence Super Shock Highlighter Palette was my first time experiencing the formula in a palette (although I do own one from a previous launch but never really got to it) and it is unreal! I love how you can carry the amazing formula in one travel-size palette. I love the formula of the highlighters because they swipe on and blend easily with fingers. You can also build up just as well. I’ll be honest, my favorite highlighters are of this formula (such as Might Be, which I believe is now discontinued, but you never know, it could return!).

Top to bottom: Counting Sheep, Pinch Me, Guilty Pleasures, and Mr. Wind

The makeup bag is so gorgeous! If you’re a fan of all things holo, this is a must have! It’s a peach color with a blinding red, blue, and green flame. It’s a smaller-sized bag at around 6″ in length with about 4″ in height and 3″ in depth.

For my #EOTD, I used Jelly Much Shadow in Hallucinogenius with a brush and used it all over my eyelid. I used the Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Palette and used Keep Cool and Realness in the crease blended. Finally, I used Lucid in the outer lid and in the outer crease. 

This brings us to the Jelly Much Shadows seen above. Another new product I am trying for the first time is the Jelly Much Shadows, and they are really fun! This eyeshadow can be applied with a finger, a brush (for more precise and pigmented effect), and can be layered or worn sheer. When they dry, they don’t budge or crease at all. I was thoroughly impressed by this because it goes on like a gel but can be blended out, as well. 

Top to bottom: Wavelength, Crystal Castle, No Rest for the Vivid, Sweet Dreams

Top to bottom: Wide Awake, Morning Light, Into Focus, Hallucinogenius 

Chasing Rainbows is a 15-pressed powder eyeshadow palette with a variety of finishes, colors, and definitely fits the bill of the name Chasing Rainbows. I definitely thought it looked like a couple of the other palettes until I watched it, and then I knew this was in its own. It’s so stunning, and extremely versatile giving anybody the opportunity to create numerous, different looks. 

Top to bottom: Wiggles, Blurred Lines, So Meta, Feeling It, Realness

Top to bottom: Woke, Wish List, Manifest It, Keep Cool, Not Playing

Top to bottom: Lucid, Bring It, On One, Eclipse, Prism

Double Rainbow is a super shock shadow kit that consists of 6 super shock shadows that are also sold separately. I’m loving the “interchangeable” lids, and the colors. They are so fun and definitely speak rainbow. 

Top to bottom: Falling Up, Roy G. Biv, IRL

Top to bottom: Milky Way, REM, ZZZ

Flying Colours is a vault filled with 14 various liquid lipstick formulas. If you are a lipstick lover and you haven’t tried (or if you’ve even tried already!) the liquids, then this is a fabulous way to try them! You’re paying around $5.71 for each, so if you like them all (and why shouldn’t you?) then the vault is a great purchase!

Starburst (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Round Midnight (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Pitter Ponder (Ultra Satin Lip):

Skyfall (Ultra Matte Lip):

La La Land:

Chronos (Ultra Matte Lip):

Paper Moon (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Dust 2 Dust (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Hypno-Tease (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Stratus Update (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Make Believe (Ultra Satin Lip):

Dreamaholic (Ultra Glossy Lip):

Morning Glory (Ultra Metallic Lip):

Nimbus (Ultra Metallic Lip):

Dream Baby Dream Lippie Stix Kit contains 6 Lippie Stix, and their OG lipsticks are always welcome to my collection. They are thin with a slanted tip that make it simple to line and fill. 

Top to bottom: At Twilight, Dream Date, Happy Thoughts, Are You Surreal, Sky Walking, Infinite Best

At Twilight (creme):

Dream Date (creme):

Happy Thoughts (Matte):

Are You Surreal (Matte):

Sky Walking (Matte X):

Infinite Best (Matte X):

Finally, we have the Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitters. These launched with the Bretman Rock collaboration as a teaser, and I was wary about trying these because – let’s be real – I won’t be wearing these unless it’s a costume, festival, or something similar. These are amazing, though, and will definitely come in handy for “Crazy Hair Day!” because you can use these on body and hair. ColourPop recommends you do not try them on your eyes because the glitters are large and in charge and the gel may not be suitable for your eyelids. 

Top to bottom: Wish Me Luck, Keep it Plutonic, Eternal Sunshine, Star Party

Top to bottom: Starfire, Avenue of the Stars, Outside the Lines, Puffin, Dream About Me

And before I sign off, here’s details on my #EOTD in case you missed it above:

I used Jelly Much Shadow in Hallucinogenius with a brush and used it all over my eyelid. I used the Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Palette and used Keep Cool and Realness in the crease blended. Finally, I used Lucid in the outer lid and in the outer crease. 

After seeing this wondrous, delightful and whimsical collection, WHAT ALL is YOUR favorite?!

Website: colourpop.com

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own. 

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