The Disney Designer x ColourPop Collection is Every Princess’ Dream Come True


We draw closer and closer to the midnight curfew (or 10am PST restock of the Disney Designer x ColourPop Collection)! As a young girl, there were many fleeting moments I dreamed of being a Disney Princess (like most girls and even some boys), namely Princess Belle, Snow White, and Jasmine, as I connected with them the most for obvious reasons (brunette/black hair, animal lover, and bookworm, as well as some other really minute personality traits). When ColourPop announced the collaboration with Disney, my inner child fangirled pretty darn hard. But, if I’m remotely 100% honest, I, even at this age, let out a musical sigh (cue the birds and deer) for this collection. I opted for the PR set because it has a pop-up box, which is just amazing and totally something I adore (I have always loved pop-up books and cards, so this spoke to me on many levels).

Look at that detail! It’s stunning! I’ve also heard there will be more dolls added, as well, to the Disney Designer Collection. These sketches of the Disney Princesses are inspired by that!

The 6 Disney Princesses represented in this collection are:

  • Princess Tiana
  • Princess Ariel
  • Princess Belle
  • Princess Jasmine
  • Princess Snow White
  • Princess Cinderella

Starting off with the Fairytale Moment Super Shock Shadow Quad, you get the following:

  • So This is Love

  • A Whole New World

  • Be Our Guest

  • Almost There

These are magical, for sure! You get a glittery and glazed pigment that is perfect for a Disney Princess.

Top to bottom: So This is Love, A Whole New World, Be Our Guest, Almost There

The 20 pressed powder eyeshadow palette is called It’s a Princess Thing and is super versatile with warms, cools, and pops of color. The packaging is superb and features the “autographs” of all the Disney Princesses, which is a sweet touch. Inside, you get the gorgeous sketches of the Disney Princesses and their gowns. 

Left to right: Chip, Juju, Grumpy, Triton, Abu

Left to right: Prince Charming, Ray, Fairy Godmother, One Kiss?, Thingamabob

Left to right: Enchanted Rose, Poison Apple, Magic Carpet, Beast, Midnight Curfew

My #EOTD was created by using Chip all over the lid, followed by Prince Charming. In the crease, Magic Carpet was used, and then Thingamabob was gently patted in the center of the lid. 

The 3 Ultra Glossy Lips are Bibbidi, Bobbidi, and Boo (as seen from top to bottom).
How cute is that?!




The Kiss the Girl Creme Lux Lipsticks are moisturizing, gorgeous and represent each of the Disney Princesses well. In the PR set, as seen below, they come in a single box with the universal Disney Designer sketch. If you buy them individually, they showcase the Disney Princess the lipstick is named after with the autographs. 





Snow White:


All the formulas are consistent with past releases, and I must say this collection is entirely a dream come true. The restock comes to you on November 2nd (which is today) at 10am PST on

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