Give Your Body a Little Extra Boost with a Gorgeous Acai Berry Bowl and MiraLAX®

I received compensation from Bayer Consumer Health, makers of MiraLAX® to write this post. MiraLAX® is a laxative used to treat occasional constipation. All opinions are entirely my own. #ReliefMadeEasy #CollectiveBias

Occasional constipation can put a damper on life because it makes me feel sluggish and just plain full all the time. This can be frustrating because it can cause me to eat all the wrong trigger foods making it feel and be even worse. Dietary changes can easily be made to give your body’s natural process an extra push. MiraLAX® is a great solution to help relieve occasional constipation. With the MiraLAX® Mix-In Pax®, an unflavored, single dose packet of MiraLAX®, provides an experience that is gentle without harsh side effects, and gives you the relief you need when you’re on-the-go and dissolves into any beverage.

Occasional constipation can happen to anyone at anytime. When roaming the aisles of my local Rite-Aid for all the latest magazines and beauty products, I often end up in the pharmacy section to pick up something when struggling with occasional constipation. I usually check the Digestive Health aisle near the pharmacy for MiraLAX® because I like how this product works – ie: Unlike stimulant laxatives that forcefully stimulate the nerves in the colon, MiraLAX® works with the water in my body to hydrate, soften, and ease to clear my system in a natural way.

When it comes to occasional constipation, I like to treat myself to a delicious and beautiful acai berry bowl. This treat is chock full of antioxidants and fiber.

Step 1: Gather ingredients.

  • Acai berry puree packets
  • Fruits of your choice
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes
  • Granola
  • Almond slices
  • Dark chocolate chips

Step 2: Blend a packet of acai berry puree with the fruit of your choice, such as banana or more berries.

Step 3: Place your puree into the platter of your choice.

Step 4: Add your toppings for a beautiful, layered, and nutritious look.

Don’t let something like occasional constipation stop you from living your life to the fullest! MiraLAX® can help relieve your occasional constipation. Save on your next purchase of any MiraLAX® product.


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