Meet My Match: ColourPop No Filter Foundation in Medium Dark 120!


I have been trying to figure out my ColourPop No Filter Foundation shade. Well, phew, I finally found it! Let’s discuss the journey. According to a chart that Jordynn shared on IG Stories with a comparison list of No Filter Concealer to No Filter Foundation, I picked the previous foundation shades based on (the wrong, my own bad!) concealer shades. I assumed my No Filter Concealer shade’s rename and chose two foundation shades in Medium Dark 110 and 115 on a whim when the foundations launched, which ended up being too light, ashy, and definitely the wrong undertone for me.

My concealer shade is Medium Dark 34, previously known as Medium Tan 35.

After I reread the chart a few times (and sleepless nights, no joke! I really wanted the correct shade for me because the foundation was extremely comfortable to me), I finally messaged CS and showed them my photos PLUS my makeup-free face AND my current foundation choice and concealer choice, and they suggested Medium Dark 120. They told me that this was just a recommendation, so they were not guaranteeing a match. Of course, I understood that, so I went back to my research and reread the chart over and over again. I might or might not have put Medium Dark 130 and 135 into my cart, but finally, I decided against those shades since 110 and 115 were PRETTY close to my skintone but just a wrong undertone and a tad or two lighter. So, I put Medium Dark 120 in my cart and tried it on IMMEDIATELY after receiving it because I just couldn’t wait to see. And, guess what? Pretty perfect match! I also ended up going to my local Ulta and asking the MUA on hand what they thought so I could also share their feedback with you, and they said, “Pretty good match! Looks like your skin! That foundation looks AMAZING!” And, guess what, folks? It is. Formula and finish is fantastic! 

Again, here is my. makeup free face, so you can see my skin closely, so you can also see how the foundation coverage is. 

And, then with the foundation:

And, for easier viewing, the photos side-by-side. Do you see that coverage?

The formula of this is a dream. Yes, it’s more liquid than my usual foundation, but the color looks like a perfect match. So, between the two, this one costs $12 while the other one costs $39. Um, guess which one I’ll most likely choose?

With the other ColourPop No Filter Foundations, I noticed my t-zones getting super oily and creamy looking. I feel like I may have packed it on too heavy because this time I used a lighter hand (and still got the full coverage promised) and no oiliness after a few hours! This definitely won me over, so I’ll be using this next time, as well. I’m super excited to do a full face of makeup using this foundation as the foundation!

What do you think of this match?



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