ColourPop Matte Lux Lipsticks take Matte Lips to a Whole New Level of Comfort


Let’s get real for a moment, bullet lipsticks are having a moment right now. They’re getting bolder, more comfortable, and formulas are also getting better and better. When ColourPop came out with the Lux Lipsticks, we all held our breath for a second to see what it was all about and thought, “This is it. How can they make something this good better?” Well, hold your breath for a second, and you’ll be proven wrong. Apparently, ColourPop took it one step further and made a comfort matte formula in the form of the matte lux lipsticks, and they also threw in a few colors for fun! Minus those two shades in Confetti Cake and Trill Seeker, I grabbed them all. So, are you ready to dive in or are you ready to exhale? 

Name Drop:

Third Eye:

Big Break:


Money Moves:

Mind Trick:

Little League:


Check Please: 


Hi Striker:

Maxed Out:


And, just to recap:

Top row: Name Drop, Third Eye, Big Break
2nd row: Paparazzi, Money Moves, Mind Trick
3rd row: Little League, Check Please, Trapeze
4th row: Hi Striker, Maxed Out, Sashay

My favorites? Money Moves, Little League, Maxed Out, and Sashay! These are gorgeous, long-wearing (yet not transferproof) lipsticks. My children had stains from Sashay after a quick run-in with my face (and kisses), but nothing a makeup wipe or remover couldn’t remove. So, keep that in mind, and choose your favorite! Let me know in the comments which one(s) you are digging!


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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