Grab the Kris Eyeshadow Palette x Kylie Cosmetics to Create the PERFECT Smokey Eye!


Let’s be honest, smokey eyes are usually considered an evening thing. Me? Nope, I don’t follow the rules on when one should wear makeup. Instead, I prefer rocking deep, dark smokey eyes and a deep lip WHENEVER I feel like – even in the day, and yes, even at the grocery store just to pick up some milk! This attitude can also be found in the matriarch of the Kardashian clan, and I love it! She oozes confidence, strength, and she’s the epitome of success. As soon as I saw Kris’ Eyeshadow Palette, I had to have it because it truly is perfection. I love cool tones when it comes to makeup because I feel like the beauty world seems to be lacking in them lately, so this palette really gave me what I’ve been looking for! This palette has everything you need and more to create a daytime and even a nighttime look, but if you’re like me and more like Kris Jenner, you’ll do what you please. And, what do I say to that? Cheers, darling! 

I love the whole 10% on her sunglasses – that cracks me up! I love that she embraces being a Momager. The things a Mom does for her children, am I right? And, inside the palette, it states “I have one word for tonight… vodka.” Kris Jenner, she’s definitely not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom. And, look at these gorgeous colors. They are classic yet on trend.

Top to bottom: I Love Myself, Gorgeous, It’s an Emergency, Very Nice

Top to Bottom: Haters, Vodka Tonic, Payback’s a Bitch, Impressed

Top to bottom: 10%, I’m Watching You, Talent, Does it Come in Black?

My #EOTD was created using I’m Watching You in the crease, 10% on the eyelid, Does it Come in Black on the outer lid, and Very Nice patted in the center of the lid. A little bit of Talent was used to highlight the tear duct.

 This was my first time trying an eyeshadow palette by Kylie Cosmetics, and I’m definitely happy with it. The eyeshadows are finely milled, but do not create any kickback. They applied beautifully with a brush and had incredible blendability. The matte shades were just as good as the metallics, which makes my makeup-loving heart sing. I hope that there are more cool-toned eyeshadow palettes to come either by Kylie Cosmetics or the beauty world because we all need a little more cooler tones in our lives. What do you think?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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