Heal and Hydrate Hand and Body with the Zoya Naked Manicure Cream and Serum


I don’t know about you, but I also face dry hand and body during the summertime. Zoya may be known for their nail polish, but they also have incredible hand and body cream and serum. When it comes to showing off your manicure, you often want your skin to look flawless, as well, so this is totally aligned with the Zoya brand. Serums have been the rage in skincare, and for good reason. I love a good serum because of its impact and absorption into the skin, which is definitely greater than a cream, so I was really excited to try this serum made especially for the hands and body. My cuticles soaked them up, and are beginning to look better thanks to them!

I did, however, find that the cream is a little greasier than I am used to, but that’s how I feel personally about a lot of perfumed lotions and creams. Plus, the scent was more on the flowery side than I prefer. The serum has a similar scent, but I felt it to be a lot lighter, and it also absorbed better into my skin. I think if you use them together, they are a powerhouse of skincare. 

What do you think of this duo? Have you tried them yet?

Website: zoya.com

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