Celebrate Colors with the ColourPop Festival Collection


Coachella has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get festive at all times, and that too, when ColourPop is getting more and more colorful! I’m so excited by the amazing colors of the Festival Collection, it’s hard not to celebrate! The ColourPop Festival Collection consists of 24 pressed powder shadows and 14 Ultra Satin Lips – 12 are in the boxed set Shut Up & Kiss Me and the other 2 are Fluke and Dilly-Dally. Grab a snack and drink because there’s a lot of pretty coming up!

Fluke, mid-tone lavender:

Dilly-Dally, soft warm pink:

Come Up, true peach:

She Said, deep rose:

Mucho, bright hot red:


Felix, bright tangerine:

Gifted, violet red:

Beeokay, bright pink coral:


Fortune Favors, vivid coral red:


Canoodle, rich mauve pink:

Asher, true blue pink:

Chance, mid-tone pinky lilac:

Hi Suppose, vivid magenta:


Kismet, bright orange red:


Top row: Fluke, Dilly-Dally, Come Up, She Said
2nd row: Mucho, Felix, Gifted
3rd row: Beeokay, Fortune Favors, Canoodle
4th row: Asher, Chance, Hi Suppose, Kismet

The eyeshadows are pressed powder shadows, and they are sold separately. If you buy 4, you may be able to grab a free palette. You can also purchase them as a set with the large palette. 

Top row: Cutoffs, Prowlin, Fault Line, Baseline, Deja Boo, Lay Low
2nd row: Comeback Kid, Howlin, Burner, Backstage, La Playa, Chauffeur 
3rd row: Kill Switch, Two to Mango, BPM, Rascal, Formation, Bratty
4th row: 20 Something, On the Rise, Feathered, Nightshow, Slay-Farer, Hop On

Top to bottom: Cutoffs, Comeback Kid, Kill Switch, 20 Something

Top to bottom: Prowlin, Howlin, Two to Mango, On the Rise

Top to bottom: Fault Line, Burner, BPM, Feathered

Top to bottom: Bassline, Backstage, Rascal, Nightshow

Top to bottom: Deja Boo, La Playa, Formation, Slay-Farer

Top to bottom: Lay Low, Chauffeur, Bratty, Hop On

The #EOTD was created using Feathered in the crease followed by the ColourPop No Filter Concealer Medium Dark 34 all over the lid for a somewhat cut crease effect. On top of the concealer, Bassline is used all over the lid, mid-lid to outer lid is Formation, and outer lid is Slay-Farer. Patted in the center is Nightshow.

What do you think of this collection? Did you grab anything?

Website: colourpop.com

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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