Get in the “Mood”, “Vibe” with the “Heat” and Get “Shook” with Kylie Cosmetics

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Liquid lipsticks are everywhere – there’s literally a liquid lipstick revolution. Practically EVERY brand has gotten on board with one of the longest trends if I’ve ever seen one! I love liquid lipsticks because they really are long lasting (most of the time) and the pigmentation is unreal! It’s been awhile since I featured Kylie Cosmetics, but I wanted to try out the Velvet Liquid Lipsticks. So, I decided to pick up the 4 recent velvets. I was really excited because I wanted a burnt orange in the satin/velvet formula. So, let’s jump right in and talk about the four Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipsticks in the following shades:

  • Kylie Cosmetics Mood
  • Kylie Cosmetics Vibe
  • Kylie Cosmetics Heat
  • Kylie Cosmetics Shook

Mood, terracotta brown:

Vibe, dirty mid-tone orange:

Heat, burnt orange:

Shook, rich mahogany:

After moisturizing and exfoliating my lips, I still found these extremely thin and drying. I absolutely love the colors, and I really wanted to love these, but my lips felt dry and stiff with these on. I do plan to try using a chapstick under them next time, but I don’t want them to shift since they are not fully transferproof. It did wear long, though, so that was definitely a plus, but I wish the formula was just a little more comfortable. These are pigmented, though, because what you see is with one swipe and then another layer. Have you tried these? If so, what did you think?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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