DIY Spa Day in 3 Simple Ways Featuring Parissa Hot Wax


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Relaxation is the name of the game, and you, too, can have it! Maybe you’re still searching for a grand Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other OR you just want some TLC (which is A-OK because hey! We all deserve some pampering! Any time of the year!). With the help of Parissa Natural Wax, you can have a DIY Spa Day, and I’m here to help you gather all that you need! Are you ready for some R&R?

Step 1: No spa day is complete without fresh, smooth and hairless skin. With a Parissa Ultimate Brazilian/Hot Waxing Super Pack, you will have all the supplies to wax any unwanted hair from most parts of your body! What’s excellent about the Parissa Ultimate Brazilian/Hot Waxing Super Pack is that it not only comes with everything you need and more BUT it’s made for sensitive skin, as well. 

What’s in the Super Pack?

  • 215 g Hot Wax, (Strip-Free Hard Wax)

  • Parissa Wax Warmer. Electric Plug-in 

  • Azulene Spray Bottle 60 ml

  • Exfoliation Glove

  • Wooden Spatulas x 20

  • Stainless steel trimming Scissors 

  • Stainless steel Tweezers 

  • Photo Instructions for Hot Wax




*Tip: You will need to heat the wax on the stove, but since it can solidify quickly, the electric wax warmer seen above will keep it in the right consistency so you can wax-and-go more conveniently!

Step 2: Set the mood with an eye mask and candles. Try to find a candle that has a soothing floral scent, as this will help in relaxation. For example, jasmine or lavender. Both have an almost sedative quality and will help you let your inhibitions go! 

Step 3: The usage of Azulene Oil. This is more than just an oil. In fact, it helps in getting rid of any excess wax after waxing. This oil is known for its anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which make it an excellent oil to use on your skin. The other ingredients in the Azulene Oil are Vitamin E to keep the skin at its most supple quality and menthol to add a cooling effect, which will definitely be welcome after a waxing session. It can also be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, dry body oil, and even a hair oil. And, guess what? This amazing oil comes in your Parissa Ultimate Brazilian/Hot Waxing Super Pack!

What are your favorite spa treats? Grab your Parissa Ultimate Brazilian/Hot Waxing Super Pack here.

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