Say Bye to the Holiday Blues with the KBShimmer Holo-Day 2017 Collection


Bringing down holiday decor and the Christmas tree is the biggest bummer in the world. I’ve even toyed with the idea of keeping the Christmas tree up but changing the decorations on it monthly. I decided that was more work than taking it down, though, so down it shall go! Boo! But, if you’re having holiday withdrawals like me, battle them with these gorgeous holo-day nail polishes that are sure to perk you right up, as Christy Rose often does with her nail polishes and their punny names. Are you ready to dive right in?

Up To Snow Good – Holographic glow flakes, subtle blue shimmer, and a dash of micro holo glitters shine like 
untouched snowbanks, accenting the pale gray color of this snow inspired polish.
Deck The Claws – This red polish in our Mega Flame finish is full of sparkle and cheer. Holographic glitters catch the 
holiday lights an d shine, while accenting this perfectly festive red shade.
Fir Sure – This green linear holographic polish is reminiscent of hunting down that perfect pine among rows of fir and 
spruce trees. 
Jewels Of The Trade– This mega flame finish is vibrant blue in color, almost a cross between sapphires and lapis 
lazuli gemstones. 
Why So Sirius?– Like a nebula in the sky, this spacy polish is bursting with a shimmer that shifts from a jewel toned 
purple to vibrant teal, while holo glow flakes twinkle against the deep navy base. 
Come On Get App-y –This blue leaning purple has strong linear holo that shines brighter than your phones screen. 
With two coat coverage this polish won’t interrupt your texting. 
Pour Decisions – Pour Decisions is loaded with holo glow flakes for a deep burgundy colored polish. Shifting sparks 
shine red and copper, showing off the chocolate undertones. 
You’re Brew-tiful – Reminiscent of a frothy latte, this lightened brown polish is the ideal shade for those that want bling 
without the bold. Whether you take your coffee with cream or without, this brew-tiful shade is a must have.
These are beyond festive and beyond gorgeous. Which ones are your favorite?

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