Comfort on the Inside – Knixwear & Knixteen Keep You Feeling Your Best Inside and Out

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Fashion is a growing industry in all forms. We often care about what we’re wearing based on trends worldwide, but do you ever put thought and effort on what’s underneath, as in underwear and bras? I’m sure it does often come to mind when doing the laundry or shopping for a special occasion. Comfort is definitely the name of the game when it comes to underoos because – well, they’re mostly unseen – and it doesn’t hurt to be comfortable, am I right? Most of the time, however, women do matching cotton sets and sometimes, they even choose a fancier set to go with their fancy outerwear. Knixwear creates all designs of underwear and bras, and even has you covered for all your activewear to wick off sweat and keep you comfortable and dry.

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Now, to make this conversation slightly uncomfortable, let’s talk about the time of the month, a.k.a. the week of terror. Shark week, as it is often called, is not the best time ever, so women often reach for comfort in food, atmosphere, entertainment, and of course, clothing. Have you ever heard of period-proof, leak-free underwear, though? Good news – it actually exists. Knixteen underwear is made of seamless, anti-microbial fabric and holds 2 tampons worth, and the best part is that it keeps you odor-free and able to do things you wouldn’t be able to do with tampons or pads allowing you to feel fresh and, best of all, clean. What’s also a bonus is you’re not tied down to the “granny panties” or a pair that will leave you feeling unfashionable and dull. You can choose from either classic bikini or full-coverage boyshorts. Now, even when you’re not feeling so great on the inside, at least, your body will feel comfortable, clean, and ready to take on the world!

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