What is Beauty? Beauty Trends and Body Image Discussed


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Beauty. It is definitely in the eye of the beholder because there are so many different perspectives out there. When you hear the word beauty, what is the first thing (or person) you think of? Beauty is within – almost illuminating – something that brings out the best in someone, such as glowing skin and a stunning smile. I’ve always thought of myself as a critic, and I discovered that my idea of beauty is also symmetry. But, I see beauty in everything, especially when it is bountiful within. Symmetry, however, is ideal (and even scientifically proven) for most people, and why women go for breast augmentation.

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There are often times different reasons for a women to go this route. Some of the reasons include hereditary, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss, and more. If you are working on losing weight, you know that you cannot exactly control which part reduces in size, and for this reason, women may opt for cosmetic surgery to make the body achieve perfect symmetry again. Dr. Mansour Bendago of Toronto says, “…breast augmentation is more complex than simply making a woman’s breasts larger. He carefully takes into account such factors as his patients’ anatomy, lifestyle, and personal preferences. He strongly believes that breast augmentation should provide proportional results that don’t overpower, but enhance a woman’s already beautiful physique.” Beauty image now versus years ago is different, of course, and it’s amazing how this can change so rapidly. In fact, trends are also ever changing, so there is no need to be so surprised. What boggles my mind about body image is that even a year can make a difference. I’m really excited to see that plus size models have come into existence in recent years shaping up as wonderful role models to young women everywhere to be healthy at whatever size you are at while being viewed as beautiful, as well. This is definitely an improvement since bodies come in all sizes and shapes. Breast augmentation has seen a shift in trend, too, and that is that most women are going from an overwhelming shape and size to a more natural shape. This trend has been seen in celebrities who have gone on the record about removing breast implants to a more comfortable, symmetrical look. This brings us back to what is beauty to you? Beauty is you. Love yourself in whatever shape and size you are in. 

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