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When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, my husband’s company put us in corporate housing for two months. We had an incredible time and transition since we had excellent walking points to worldly restaurants, Sephora, Target, Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom Rack, and a movie theater, to name a few, and incredible views from the 21st floor of downtown. While it was idyllic and gorgeous, it lacked a certain something, especially for this family of 3 (at the time) who lived in a suburb previously.

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Now, since we had moved cross-country, we had an entire houseful of furniture, personal belongings, and more in storage, so we had to search for a different apartment before we got accustomed to the city and started house hunting more seriously. This is where Abodo comes in. There, you can see rent trends, neighborhoods, attractions, and even transportation. When we were searching for an apartment or house to rent, we were particularly looking for a place for 6 months with 2 bedrooms (so we didn’t have to keep our belongings in storage). This definitely helped us in our search because we were able to put the range of rent we expected to pay with the amount of bedrooms we wanted, and it gave us several options to either check out personally or narrow down via the internet. This is how we actually found several townhouses and homes to rent and were able to get in touch with landlords to go visit them. Because of this, we saved lots and lots of wasted hours by seeing accurate photos and narrowing it down to ONLY places and specs we were looking for. Once we found the right location for us, we found the apartment we needed. It was exactly what we were looking for spec-wise and even layout-wise. We were even able to find storage space IN the apartment building, which was extremely ideal. This kept us covered until we were ready to buy a home. Even though we found a temporary location that was a great place to stay for 11 months, we ended up using the website to help us find the right location for us to purchase a home. This also had given us a good amount of time to get used to the city and figure out what exactly we were looking for in a home. By using Abodo to learn about rent trends and neighborhoods, we were able to find the right place for us. 


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