Mystical and Magical Vibes with the ColourPop x My Little Pony Collection


Being a tot from the ’80s, My Little Pony was definitely my jam! I had several of the ponies myself, and my daughter even has the new version (yes, I know she’s only 6 months old) of TY beanies. Seeing this collection by ColourPop put me into a dear, beloved flashback. I picked up ALMOST the entire collection, but I may have to get my hands on some of the Ultra Glossy Lips!

What I did pick up:

  • My Little Pony Pressed Shadow Powder Palette 
  • 3 Super Shock Shadows: Cherries Jubilee, Sunbeam, and Posey
  • 2 Pressed Powder Highlighters: Starflower and Trickles
  • 3 Ultra Matte Lips: Pin WheelLemon Drop, and Moondancer

The main attraction of the My Little Pony Collection is definitely the pressed powder eyeshadow palette, but I wasn’t incredibly blown away by the pick up of the colors. Don’t get me wrong, the colors are gorgeous and swatch amazingly, but they didn’t do too well with a brush. I’m assuming this can be fixed with a little eyeshadow primer, but I wanted to show you how it performs without the eyeshadow primer, so what you see on the eyes is what you get. 

The #EOTD is created using Princess Sparkle in the crease, Firefly on the lid, and Super Shock Shadows in Cherries Jubilee (in center of lid) along with Sunbeam in the outer lid. Both highlighters are used on the face. Pin Wheel on the lips. 

First row: Butterscotch, Blossom, Starshine, Bluebell
2nd row: Applejack, Skydancer, Minty, and Flutterby
3rd row: Twilight, Firefly, Snuzzle, Princess Sparkle

First row: Butterscotch, Blossom, Starshine, Bluebell

2nd row: Applejack, Skydancer, Minty, and Flutterby

3rd row: Twilight, Firefly, Snuzzle, Princess Sparkle

The Super Shock Shadows in Cherries Jubilee, Sunbeam, and Posey are sparkly at its best! I love Super Shock Shadows because their pigmentation is superb, and they don’t crease as badly as powder eyeshadows do, at times. These 3 are lovely as lone eyeshadows or toppers. You can see how I layered them on the eye look above. 

Cherries Jubilee



Top to bottom: Cherries Jubilee, Sunbeam, and Posey

Highlighters are a huge THING right now, and these are fun. I adore the shades chosen, as they represent My Little Pony really well. But, Trickles, the lavender one was not as pigmented as other ColourPop highlighter shades. Starflower is pigmented and buttery, however, so I would highly recommend this over Trickles. 



Top to bottom: Starflower and Trickles

Every time a new Ultra Matte Lip releases, something really stirs inside me, and I get super excited. It may be the affordability of the liquid lipsticks or it may be the formula (because to me, it’s perfect). The three colors are Lemon DropMoondancer, and Pin Wheel. My favorite? Moondancer, hands down!

Pin Wheel:

Lemon Drop:


My favorites from this collection definitely were the Moondancer Ultra Matte Lip and the 3 Super Shock Shadows. The palette was the most disappointing to me, especially since I really love their pressed powders and their last few eyeshadow palettes (I have since bought more, so I will be sharing them as soon as I can!) 

What did you like from this collection if you picked anything up? Anything on your wishlist?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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