Guest Post: The Simple Ingredient To Rejuvenate Your Locks


This guest post is written and sponsored by Jen Brenner.

Yes, you read that correctly- there is one simple ingredient that I am about to share with you, that does wonders for not only your hair but your whole body too! Therefore, I will be sharing with you the key benefits that this ingredient has on your hair. This ingredient can be bought at most grocery stores and health food stores. They might even sell it at hair salons now too! It’s under $10.00 so this product is definitely affordable for everyone. It’s worth the investment, and no this is not an ad for the product- this is a personal review on a product that can benefit you like it benefited me. If you are losing hair but you don’t want to buy the best hair loss shampoo you can buy, then this product will help you strengthen the rest of your hair naturally! It might not work as fast as the shampoo would, but it will definitely help you out.

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Now, before I release the secret product- let me show you a few amazing benefits that this product has on your well-being.

  •   Helps restore hair
  •   Helps whiten your teeth
  •   Help eliminate bacteria in your mouth and body
  •   Helps burn fat
  •   Reduces your hunger
  •   Can be used as a moisturizer
  •   Boosts Digestion
  •   Helps your organs function properly

Now can anybody take a guess as to what this secret product is? Well I am excited to tell you that the product is an oil base and the fruit/nut/seed itself tastes amazing! It is coconut oil and yes it does a lot more wonderful tricks then just the ones I pointed out. I feel those benefits are decently important though and it’s in your benefit to know just how great coconut oil really is. Now let me elaborate on how coconut oil affects your hair in a positive way.

First of all, you will want to warn the coconut oil up in the microwave for 15 seconds or until it reaches a warm temperature. Make sure you do not have it too hot, because that can do more harm to your hair then good. Massage the oil directly into your scalp and on the ends. You will want to keep the oil on your hair for at least 20 minutes. You can sleep with it in; it will not harm your hair in anyway. This works as a “deep conditioning” treatment but it has way more benefits than just cleaning your hair. One quick tip to point out- make sure you are using organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil is exactly how it sounds. Pure ingredients that you will want on your head and in your body, depending on all the uses you use it for.

In order to strengthen your hair, I would recommend doing this treatment once per week. This will leave your locks feeling hydrated, strong and fresh! It will help add a few inches to your hair over the year. I understand if you want to keep this a little secret, but feel free to share the advice with those closest to you!

This guest post is written and sponsored by Jen Brenner.

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