Fantasy Makers Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks Will Get You in the HALLOWEEN Spirit


Since I was a young teenager, Halloween was a reason to wear funky pigmented colors, and it kind of still is. Wet N Wild Beauty has been around for a really long time, let me tell you, and they still crank out awesome products for the season. There are 5 Fantasy Makers Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks, but I dared to buy only 3. So, let’s dive right in to the beautiful, frightening shades!

  • Sleepy Hallow 
  • Purple Panic
  • Terrifying Tangerine

L-R: Terrifying Tangerine, Sleepy Hallow, and Purple Panic

Terrifying Tangerine is a bold, neon, sizzling true orange, but don’t be afraid to wear it… especially in the dark… mwahahaha!

Sleepy Hallow is definitely one of the colors I’ve been yearning for, but unfortunately for my skin tone, grey always comes off as a little aqua-toned rather than stone cold fox gray. I wish gray would appear gray on my lips! But no matter, this color is creepy, cool, and fun!

Purple Panic will cause panic because this color is bright and just fright… I mean, right. 

I’m a huge fan of the Liquid Catsuits because they are affordable, long wearing, and come in a great variety of shades. These are definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already. Drugstore brands have really come up in the last few years! 

Which color will you try?!


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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