Get into the Fall Spirit with the Zoya Fall Lipsticks

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It’s that time of year again… already! There’s a fresh, crisp, chill in the air. Of course, this means deeper, delicious shades of makeup, which I absolutely adore. Zoya has branched out into lipsticks, as you may have seen, and these lipsticks are creamy and comfortable. There are 7 Fall lipsticks in the line-up, and they are definitely worth it!

  • Zoya Layne
  • Zoya Addie
  • Zoya Bristol
  • Zoya Maggie
  • Zoya Izzy
  • Zoya Lucky
  • Zoya Tommy

Top to bottom: Addie, Tommy, Layne

Addie, pink, natural apricot: 

Tommy, a blurple: 

Layne, medium dusty rose:

Left to right: Bristol, Lucky, Maggie, Izzy

Bristol, medium, wine tone:

Lucky, vibrant, cool toned pink:

Maggie, deep berry:

Izzy, deep fuchsia:

These lipsticks are comfortable and are layer-able. I’m used to liquid lipsticks, but once in awhile, I enjoy using original bullet lipsticks because they are obviously the OG. Which one is YOUR favorite?


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