KBShimmer Brings Unicorn Pee Back + Let’s Slang


Dubbed Unicorn Pee in the nail polish community, this stunning shimmer pigment glows a fiery copper red color, shifting based on view angles, to orange, green and gold. This pigment is magic on your fingers, and with the pigment being so rare, these polishes are not ones you want to miss getting!

Even though my blog started off with nail polish, it has definitely grown and branched out, but nail polish definitely still holds a special place in my heart. My daughter is almost the same age as my son was when I started doing more of THIS on the blog, so it’s exciting for me. Anyway, before I go off subject, Unicorn Pee is a pigment that I didn’t get to experience because I probably had deviated into lipsticks and eyeshadows at that time. KBShimmer Let’s Slang is one of KBShimmer’s most loved and missed polishes, so Christy Rose was able to bring it back once she found some Unicorn Pee pigment. She also created 3 other beautiful polishes. 

  • KBShimmer Let’s Slang
  • KBShimmer Goal Digger 
  • KBShimmer So Jelly
  • KBShimmer You Dew You

Let’s Slang is what started it all. Here’s the incredibly gorgeous inky blue with color-shifting shimmer.

Goal Digger is the most stunning smoky teal/emerald with the fun shimmer throughout.

So Jelly is amazing. I just couldn’t take this off my nails because I wanted it there for-ev-er.

And, finally, if none of these colors speak Unicorn to you, then you can just buy the topper in You Dew You, and top off your favorite colors with this awesome pigment.

Grab these quick because they will be gone before you know it, especially since this pigment is SO RARE!

Website: kbshimmer.com

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