The EXCLUSIVE Hella Holo Customs for August 2017


KBShimmer is very excited to announce that for the month of August, KBShimmer is one of the featured makers for the Facebook Group Hella Holo Customs.  Hella Holo Customs (HHC) was created two years ago for fans of holographic polishes of all types.  Each month, group members submit inspiration photos for makers, then vote on those photos.  Makers then work in collaboration with the group admins to create 3 stunning holographic polishes!  Members using sneak peeks they get along the way, suggest names for each polish. These are available for sale NOW until September 5th. 

A setting sun softly tints the clouds a cotton candy pink, while crashing waves in a tropical aqua hue lap against pink sand. This photo of paradise has inspired our August Hello Holo custom polish. Pinking Of Paradise, a softly tinted pink polish, features our holo glow flakes. These flakes have a unique holo glow to them in bright lights, while in softer lighting, a turquoise shimmer pops out to say hello. This polish is sheer enough in one coat to layer over your favorite pink cream, but is best in 2-3 coats alone.  If you loved our Polish Con exclusive, We Make Your Dreams Come Blue, you will not want to miss this sister shade!

A storm off in the horizon, the flash of lightening and setting sun fill the sky with deep dues of cobalt, periwinkle, pinks and fuchsia while reflecting natures artwork in the water below. This photo of the stormy seas has inspired our August Hello Holo custom polish, One Holo Of A Storm. A periwinkle leaning blue polish, this holographic shade sparkles with holo glitters. At the right angles, a pink shimmery flake with blue shifts pops through for a vibrant polish your tips and toes will love. If you like our Mega Flame finish, this shimmery cousin to that collection is perfect for you! Best in 2-3 coats.

A perfect morning starts with a vibrant sun rising up to fill the turquoise blue sky with its glowing copper gold hue. This sun and sky inspired linear holo polish takes inspiration from the vibrant blue skies. An aqua leaning blue color, we accented this strong linear holo with bits of copper and gold for a sparkle even in low lighting. That Goes Without Cyan is best in 2 coats.

These are marvelous! I can’t with the blinding bling on these. They are opaque and super gorgeous, so if you’re NOT a member of Facebook Group Hella Holo Customs, then what are you waiting for? 


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