Blur Lines with the ColourPop No Filter Concealer


With a newborn baby girl and a 5 year old son, you can imagine the amount of sleep I get and the dark circles UNDER my dark circles. Wearing concealer is new for me because my skin has gone through many changes with two very different pregnancies, but it really does give me a flawless finish. When I heard ColourPop released concealers, I was super thrilled because one of my favorite concealers is too expensive for my taste. I do hope they create “lipstick” style concealers along with these liquid ones. I only purchased concealers that match my skin tone to help my medium tan beauties. 

For reference, I match NC35 in MAC Cosmetics, Tan Honey in tarte, and Hazel in Jouer Cosmetics.

  • Beige 25
  • Medium 30
  • Medium Tan 35
  • Golden 40
  • Deep Beige 45
  • Tan 50

Left top to bottom: Beige 25, Medium 30, Medium Tan 35
Right top to bottom: Golden 40, Deep Beige 45, Tan 50

Instead of raving about the concealer (which I will), I have to share this BEFORE and AFTER image to show you how well it covers blemishes and acts as a foundation. I feel that this is terrific as a foundation because you need little product. For $6 a pop, this is a great price for a concealer of this caliber. 

I used Medium Tan 35 (all over the face), Medium 30 for highlight (under the eyes), and Golden 40 for contour.  

Top to bottom: Beige 25, Medium 30, Medium Tan 35

Golden 40, Deep Beige 45, Tan 50

Okay, as promised, I have to rave about this concealer because I wore it through a day without air conditioning in 90* heat. No melting or shifting of any sort. It blends like a dream. I was able to use my fingers to blend, and I didn’t feel rushed because even after dotting my face, the first dots blended easily meaning they didn’t dry down immediately. The finish is most definitely matte, so if you’re looking for a dewy finish, this won’t do it. I was in love because it looked like my skin, and definitely gave me a no filter, flawless look. For my skin tone, I loved Medium Tan 35 because it evened out my skin and melted into perfection. Medium 30 was excellent for highlight while Golden 40 gave a natural contour. I may even try Deep Beige 45 next time. I’m glad I purchased this range because I tend to tan in the summer and lighten up in the winter, so it’s awesome that I was able to grab all 6 of these for the cost of 1 concealer. 

What do you think about these? 


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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