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Match and ColourPopthe trendy makeup and cosmetics brand, have partnered to create a limited edition custom lipstick called Mwah. This beautiful, Raspberry Red Ultra Matte lip color was inspired by the beauty that we exult in all, on the inside and out. Therefore, $1 from every purchase of Mwah will be donated to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by renowned Fashion Editor and Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson. We love that GLAM4GOOD ignites social change through style by creating #giveback experiences and driving empowerment with healing and positivity.

Of course, I had to grab Mwah, a gorgeous hot red pink liquid lipstick because it’s one of my favorites to wear. I thought this was a fun collaboration because nowadays online dating is topping the ways people meet their match. The formula of this is said to be reformulated and you will indeed notice that it is lightweight and less drying. 

Here are some fun facts about kissing via

  • Women had more success landing a first kiss while wearing lipstick and wearing red lipstick makes women feel sexier, which is obviously why we had to create “Mwah” with ColourPop.
  • The lip color that makes single women feel the most sexy? RED(30%) followed by Neutral (24%) and Pink (15%)
  • 70% of singles believe there is such a thing as the “perfect kiss” and yet 29% are STILL waiting for the best kiss of their life.

What does the ideal kiss look like?

  • Singles agree that it should last around 10 seconds,
  • 42% of singles agree that if a first date is a success it is all about the CLOSED-LIP (vs. French) kiss to seal the deal and although a bad first kiss is NOT a deal breaker,
  • 70% say that bad breath has definitely ruined a kiss.

Want to know more?

  • Most have had their first kiss between the ages of 13 and 16 (57% WOMEN) (46% MEN)
  • Over 1/3 (33%) of singles confess they have made out with more than one person in the same day. #NoShame
  • Other than on the lips, where do singles say is the next most romantic place on the body? Your neck…oh la la! That’s the spot. (WOMEN 67%) (MEN 74%)
  • 75% of single women and 53% of single men say they CLOSE their eyes during a kiss.
  • The TOP 3 spots to be kissed? Singles agree:
    • At sunset (48%)
    • Moonlight stroll (46%)
    • The beach (37%)

What do you think of this beautiful shade? Have YOU met YOUR match?

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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