Say Bye to Tangles with the Wet Brush Original Detangler and Shower Flex


Having long, curly hair can LOOK gorgeous, but it’s not always fun to style. Since my hair IS long and curly, it tangles quite easily. The Wet Brush is one of my favorites to use to detangle both mine and my family’s hair, so becoming a Wet Brush Brand Ambassador was really exciting! For the month of June, the brushes of the month are the Original Detangler and the Shower Flex. 

The Original Detangler is the brush that started it all! The bristles are IntelliFlex®, which means they are thin, strong, yet flexible. My son has extremely thick hair, and this brush is one of our MUST HAVES on his hair because it detangles without pulling, tugging, or pain. 

Shower Flex is a brush designed to clean easily and help air dry since it has no cushions or pads. The handle make it easy for you to store on the shower head or bar. The Shower Flex features Duo Flex Technology™ combines IntelliFlex® bristles with a flexible brush head to make detangling a breeze!

These brushes are gentle on the scalp and make brushing a breeze! I’m so honored to be a Wet Brush Ambassador, and I can’t wait to share more Wet Brush with all of you! If you have hair that tangles easily or know someone that has hair that tangles easily, definitely try the Wet Brush because this is the only brush that detangles without pulling, tugging, or pain.


Press sample as part of the Wet Brush Ambassador Program. All opinions are honest and my own.


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