Brighten Up Your Home with artdesigns


When it comes to decorating the home, my husband and I adore the modern look, so when looking for a wall hanging to fit a specific wall, we turned to artdesigns to find the perfect piece. is the PERFECT place to find the artwork you desire for your home. When I came across the World Map Triptych, however, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Even though it is 3 separate pieces of artwork, you can easily hang just one on the wall. The slim, framed silver canvas really makes a statement without being too bright and bold.

This is a great way to create a tradition in gifting, as well, especially with a 3-piece set. I decided to start with North and South America until I found the perfect wall space for all 3, but for now, this looks perfect in the spot we selected. The quality of the artwork is top notch, and there are several pieces I’ve got my eye on including the rest of the World Map Triptych. 

What type of artwork do you prefer? Tell me in the comments YOUR favorite piece after visiting


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