Guest Post: How to Care for Your Engagement Ring #Ad


This guest post is written and sponsored by Jen Brenner.

Now that you’ve got some bling on your hand, you want to be able to take care of it so that it remains as beautiful fifty years from now as it is today. It is possible to keep your jewelry looking like new with a little know-how and preparation. Whether you are sporting a diamond engagement ring or have opted for the ever popular Moissanite engagement rings, you’ll want to stay on top of keep your rings looking great.

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Don’t Skimp on the Insurance

First things first, you know how when you go to the bank to take out a loan and the loan officer asks if you want to take out loan insurance, just in case you can’t pay back the loan, or in the event of a medical emergency you cannot make your payments? You know how you often say no to that added cost because you don’t think anything like that will ever happen in your life. Well, don’t skip the insurance on your engagement ring. Insurance on your ring can protect you against theft, fire, damage, and many more scenarios. Not to mention, your insurance can help pay to have your ring fixed should anything happen to it.

Keep Your Ring in the Same Place

If you must take your rings off for any reason, always put them in the same place. You know those cute little boxes that rings come in? They aren’t just for show. They are designed to keep an engagement ring safe. Don’t toss your engagement ring box. And if you opt for a larger jewelry box, make sure you have a designated spot for your engagement ring. It deserves its own special place to be kept safe when it’s not on your hand.

Try not to take your rings off outside of your home. The risk of losing them or having them stolen is too high. If you do take them off your hand, place your engagement ring and other rings on the inside pocket of your purse. This will help keep them safe until you can put them back on again.

Clean it Regularly

When you purchase your engagement ring, or wedding rings, ask the jeweler for advice on how to care for your rings. Depending on the materials used and the stones set within the rings, cleaning and care will vary. Also, check your insurance policy to see if there are any chemicals you cannot use on your jewelry that might void your coverage. Your best bet is to have your rings cleaned regularly by a professional jeweler. When you spent the kind of money you spend on an engagement ring set, most jewelers will offer free cleaning for life. It only takes a few minutes and can keep your rings sparkling like new.

Fix it Right Away

If something does happen to your engagement ring, take it back to where you bought it immediately. Don’t delay in having your ring assessed to determine what kind of damage has been done. You’ll want to bring your insurance policy with you or check to make sure it is on file at the jewelers. The longer you want to have your ring fixed, the harder it will be to repair the damage.

Follow these tips to keep your diamond and Moissanite engagement rings looking like new so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

This guest post is written and sponsored by Jen Brenner.

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