Guest Post: How to Find the Best Facial Cleanser for Your Skin #Ad

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This guest post is written and sponsored by Jen Brenner. 

If you’ve ever stood in the pharmacy feeling overwhelmed by the sheer choice of facial cleansers and wondered to yourself, “what the heck do we need all these facial cleansers for?”, you are not alone. It can be really overwhelming to decide which facial cleanser is right for you, especially since almost no one on the planet has “normal” skin. What the heck is even normal skin anyway? Geez, why would they even have that as an option. It makes the rest of us feel bad when we reach for the super oily, super dry, super super oily, cleaners. The point is that they’re really is a facial cleanser for everyone. It just make take some research to find out which one is right for you and your skin.

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Step One: decide what you want to get out of your facial cleanser. You’ll need to look at your makeup routine, your shower routine, your workout routine. What do you do in the run of the day that you need to wash off your face at the end of the day? Like trying to find the best steam mop for your floor, you want to choose a facial cleanser that doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to keep washing after you have finished.

Step Two: Try a few brands. Don’t be fooled by big brand names that spend a lot of money on television commercials. Try smaller boutique brands, local brands, and even department store brands. Some of these facial cleansers haven’t even been discovered yet. And you know you are a trailblazer in all things fashion and beauty so go out on a limb and try something no one else is talking about.

Step Three: Do a pre and post wash assessment. In order to determine which facial cleanser is really right for you, you need to be satisfied with the results. The only way to be sure of the results is to do a before and after comparison. You’ll want to watch out for cleansers that dry your skin out or leave an oily after feel. You’ll want to watch out for cleansers that irritate your skin: a lot of cleansers have alcohol in them that can really dry and irritate skin cells. So watch for that.

Step Four: Realize that your skin changes with time. Just because you were using one brand of facial cleanser for the last 10 years does not mean it is still the right cleaners for your skin now. That’s why there are hundreds of options at the store. Every skin type gets older too, so then you need to change your facial cleanser based on your aging skin’s needs.

Stay on top of your facial cleansing needs and you’ll always have the fresh face you want. Ignore your facial cleansing needs you’ll struggle to feel good in your skin. And no one wants that. You want your skin to feel supple and moist, but fresh. You can find the right facial cleanser for you, it just make take a little work! Now get to it, sister!

This guest post was sponsored and written by Jen Brenner.

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