Mother’s Day Tea Style with PinkBlush Teal Maxi Dress


Baby girl arrived May 22nd, so please be patient with me and my slow posting as I readjust to life with a newborn (as it’s been almost 6 years since my last one!) and I hope you continue to visit Taneja’s Bride during this (hopefully) short hiatus! Thanks again for visiting!! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

With Summer here, bright colors are SO very in! I adore teal in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, so when I saw this gorgeous teal maxi dress at PinkBlush, I had to have it! As a shorty, I often feel that dresses of this height make me look even shorter, but this one made me feel pretty confident once I fixed the hem (using safety pins ONLY) to fit me perfectly. My son’s school had a Mother’s Day Tea, and this dress was exceptionally high tea material, so I decided to wear it! I’m so glad I did – I was extremely comfortable draped in chiffon on a cool, summer day, and the floral print was quite maternal, as well. I even had the PERFECT statement necklace to match not to mention the PERFECT lipstick – Give Me Glow Rose Petal






The height of this dress is 55″ from shoulder to hem, so I folded it in at the hem and pinned it to make sure I was able to walk

elegantly in the maxi. The color of the dress is exactly asshown online, and the print and fitting is gorgeous and comfortable. I love having dresses that are “belted” under the bust because I feel it gives you a flattering shape if you’re at 37 weeks (as I was in this picture). 

What do you think of this beautiful color, print, and dress?


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