Perfect Your Skin/Skincare Routine with HiMirror Plus, Your Virtual Beauty Consultant


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My skin and skincare routine has always been hot or cold because good habits don’t (always) stick, and sometimes, you don’t realize what product or routine is working. This is where the HiMirror Plus comes in. Now, before we go into specs, experience, and all that jazz, let me start off by saying that this product is $369*. The HiMirror is $299* and the Smart Body Scale is $99*.  These are wonderful gifts and a great way to maintain or steer your way to clear skin (while the Smart Body Scale is great for you to maintain your weight). 

*For Mother’s Day (until May 15th), the sale is HiMirror: $189 from $299, HiMirror Plus: $259 from $369, Smart Body Scale: $79 from $99

To stand or to mount? That is the question!

The HiMirror Plus is a great vanity piece. I purchased a stand instead of mounting it to a mirror or the wall, so I can easily change its position. A wooden stand can be purchased at the HiMirror website. The mounting process is actually quite simple and all the hardware is available in the package itself, as well as a video discussing how you can DIY. 

What are the differences between HiMirror and HiMirror Plus?

The main difference between the HiMirror and the HiMirror Plus is the fact that the HiMirror Plus has smart-ambient makeup light so that you can view how your makeup looks in different lightings. This is a pretty cool feature, as you can’t always have the perfect lighting right at your vanity. Another plus about the mirrors is that to move from screen to screen, you can use air gestures moving your hand in front of the sensor in all 4 directions to get to the menu option you are looking for. This reduces fingerprints on your precious mirror and moves you right along from option to option. Since you are able to connect to WiFi from the HiMirror and HiMirror Plus, you are also able to customize your home screen as you like. As you can see, my side of the vanity consists of orchid hues, so to go along with the theme, I chose a comparable photo. 

What exactly does the HiMirror Plus check for?

The HD camera (which at a clockwise turn closes and counter-clockwise turn opens) of the HiMirror Plus analyzes your photo and personal routine by checking for clarity, texture, firmness, brightness, and healthiness. How does it do this? You are asked to take a photo of yourself, and it will give you a thorough report of dark circles, red spots, fine lines, complexion, pores, dark spots, and wrinkles. Through this awareness, you will learn to pinpoint your skin’s most vulnerable spots and direct skincare to those exact locations. For example, as a 33 year old, I did not expect to see as many wrinkles as I did (14 wrinkles, to be exact), and by making me aware of this, I am able to direct anti-aging skincare products to those very locations and have the HiMirror Plus tell me if my skin is progressing and ridding my face of these wrinkles. Has it gone down? In fact, yes! I have been checking weekly, as I find that is more than enough time for my skin to heal and renew, and my wrinkles have gone down to 11. So, with a virtual skincare consultant, not only do you find the problem but also get maximum support to the solution, as well. 

What is the HiSkin? 

The HiSkin is a small device that takes your skincare a level further! Not only can you analyze your skin via a photo (which can be taken whenever the need arises) but use the HiSkin (with Bluetooth technology) and have the results sent directly to your phone. This little gadget is a small, handheld device, which you can take with you on vacation, charge, and use upon your face for analysis. This device will let you know if your skin is thirsty for more moisturizer or a certain product. 


The HiMirror Plus is an incredible smart mirror that is not only a great vanity piece, but also a fabulous conversation starter. Although it’s a pricey gadget, I feel that it is a great value as you can ask it to analyze your skin as often as you wish while also listening to Spotify (did I mention that you can also listen to Spotify AND the radio while getting ready?!) and also see your makeup in all different kinds of lighting (if you choose the HiMirror Plus), and if you’re a fitness junkie, you can also hook it up to a Smart Body Scale for a thorough analysis of your body mass index and more! 

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This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own. 


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