Guest Post: How a Hand-Held Laser is Changing Hair Removal #Ad


This guest post is sponsored and written by Jen Brenner. 

The Tria home hair removal laser kit is the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA. This in itself is impressive enough to put your trust in this device. We know how dangerous lasers can be, and all hair removal procedures using lasers were previously done by a doctor or certified technician in a clinic.

You probably want to know all about this new option. How much does it cost? Does it work? How well? Please read on to learn all about it.

The advantages


The Tria hand-held laser costs around ten times less than what the clinic would charge. Is it as effective? No. We aren’t going to lie. The laser that is emitted is less powerful than that in a professional health center, meaning it will take more procedures to achieve the same result. This shouldn’t be a problem because you can perform hair removal treatment whenever you feel like it. You don’t need to take the time to make appointments and wait in the office. The price is totally affordable.

Safety features

Before you can use the Tria 4X, you’ll need to call the company to activate it because it comes locked, like a credit card. When you call, you will have to answer some questions about your skin to help you decide what the right settings would be depending on your skin type and other specifics. You want to destroy the hair follicles, not your skin, right? This is probably part of the reason why this product has been FDA-approved. If the laser is too strong, it can burn your skin. However, Tria has resolved this issue by means of a state-of-the-art activation mechanism and capacity to sense your skin tone.

The Tria does not work for people of dark skin color because the sensor can’t differentiate between the hair and the skin.

The disadvantages

You may have read some negative reviews of the Tria 4X – it’s too slow, its battery life is too short, it causes pain, etc. The laser covers a small area at a time, so yes, it is slow. To be faster, it wouldn’t be hand-held just because it would weigh more.

Battery life

You will need to replace the battery now and then (after every 90,000 pulses). Just call the company, and they’ll send you a replacement.


Laser treatment doesn’t exactly cause pain, rather a tingling sensation. This goes for all lasers.

Bottom line: Tria laser results

The Tria 4X works. It is weaker than a professional laser, so it works slower, but it works regardless. It’s so affordable that it would be a crime not to take advantage. The fact that it’s weaker can actually be seen as advantageous in terms of the reduced sensation it would provoke.

Keep in mind that your hair won’t disappear at once and for good. Around 90% of it will, eventually. It might grow back in a few years (not all of it), so keep the Tria around.

This guest post was sponsored and written by Jen Brenner. 

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